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Hi guys…

Just wanted to give you my thoughts.,… Love what you are doing but a couple of ideas I would love to see…
Especially love the bright card colour hope that doesn’t change

The introduction of account number and sort code will be great when that arrives

I would love the option to have a second account - I personally like to have my standing orders and direct debits on a separate account so I put my money in that to cover my bills and then spend the rest

A name on the card would be good as my partner wants on and don’t want to mix them up

Would like to think us Beta guys get preference in the future for things - never forget those that helped out in the early days…

Think you are onto somthing big!

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(Rika) #2

Welcome to the community! All solid feedback there.

That will happen along with launching a current account service, Monzo is currently a prepaid card. Take a look at this blog post for some further details about how that transition will happen.

Too many community threads about this to link here but for your specific need, maybe take a look at an upcoming feature, Targets. There has also been some discussion around Monzo knowing in the future what bills are active, when they come out and approximately how much they will be in order to tell you how much you should have left to keep your budgeting on track. It’s a different way of solving what appears to be the same problem.

A couple of threads on this exist already, opinion in the community is split but it seems like some places internationally are rejecting cards without it. Names are not stamped in to the cards today because they are produced in bulk and then later mailed or handed out for the beta. Because of this, cards arrive much quicker though!

Hopefully this helps! :smiley:

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