The Word Millennial

The word Millennial needs to be banned


agree. I know Millennials that want to bank with a bank with branches and refuse to open an account thru and app but middle aged people happy to open accounts, credit cards and mortgages via an app!


They are a lot of things on the cards these days who knows! Hopefully it’s something more valuable that retains active user numbers unlike bitcoin etc.

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How long until the Daily Mail bemoans the fact that all these annoying “millennials” are using online only banking services and causing branch closures to accelerate hitting their core readership?


lol perhaps the Daily Mail will just copy and paste the Guardian article :slight_smile:

“It is a situation repeated across the UK, as banks scramble to save costs to bolster profits just as historic low interest rates are punishing their profitability and customers migrate to smartphones and the internet to access their accounts.”

Millenials seem to be ruining everything apparently :roll_eyes: but idk why the media assumes millenials = 20+ y/os when the age range goes up to 37 or something. That’s pretty middle-aged. A 37 y/o would have very different life experiences from me at 22. But bring on the avocado toast and let’s drink to never owning property :raised_hands:t3:

P.s. Other things millenials are ruining: napkins, cruises, running, dinner dates, golf, diamonds, sex, wine corks


I’ve never had avocado on toast, is it worth it?

Honestly, not at all if you buy it in a cafe. Idk how some places can justify charging £8 for just avocado on sourdough with no eggs or sides. Make it yourself :raised_hands:t3:


Yup! Urban dictionary approach breaks it down further…

Generation Y & Z

Generation Y for me (being 1981-1991) and Generation Z for yourself being 22 (1991-2001).

As for Avocado on toast…aren’t you meant to give that stuff up to buy property? :wink:


Generation X. We had the best music :sunglasses:


I have discovered Pret’s protein box instead (avocado & eggs & brocoli & delish red pepper sauce) is almost made for me (yeah Gen Y as well). Also that thing about the property affordability is like so totally an urban myth as nobody can afford 'em in London these days anyway…


Debatable. I’m just saddened to be too young to be a
Boomer and too old to be Gen X :frowning_face:

No generation wants me :cry:


Generation strange? (Quoting limp bizkit ‘My Generation’)

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I’ll take that

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I want to meet the journalist who thinks giving up your monthly/ fortnightly avocado toast will let you save enough money to buy a house in London :weary: even the rich are moving away! Apparently the average price to buy a flat is £729k! In comparison you can buy a castle in Scotland for £300k :heart_eyes:


I know :wink:, got friends in London trying to buy a 1 bed flat for 450k, where as in Edinburgh… my 2 bed is up for about half that.

As for castles for 300k? Actual castle or spacious house?

Castles tend cost less than you think to buy because they cost more than you think to run.


Here she is, Eve:

She’s a buyer too.

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Split this thread to keep all the millennial rants in one place :slightly_smiling_face:

And now it looks like I have such a hatred of that word that I started a thread about it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: