The race to SEVEN MILLION users

Although a damp squib topic now, I’m going for February 17th 2023 @ 4:04pm for 7M users.

Between now & then?:

  • iOS/Android parity
  • Personal/Joint account parity
  • Monzo IPO
  • Boris still PM
  • Elon sets off for Mars
  • Climate change puts Earth in chaos
  • Cheque imaging still requested



I reckon August 20th around 9pm :sweat_smile:

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August 20th 20:59:59

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Where can you even see the latest user count?

You can’t any more :sweat_smile:

19 March 2038 @ 15.34

31 July 2022

Who cares, Monzo is no longer the beast we all signed up for - it has morphed into standard issue bank, but that’s fine, can’t stay young, hip and for the people forever if you want to make money.

It’s been fun, but time for me to bow out.:v:

Haha, not likely!

Probably a safe bet.

Because this is the competition of the year, if no time is specified, will it be counted as;

  • 00:01
  • 12:00

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So you saying you won’t be upgrading to the 2023 rhodium card with the full suite of features you don’t need at all? :clown_face:

Seriously though, sad to lose you if that was a forum farewell…


And so it begins, I suspected as soon as they killed the counter they wouldn’t bother updating the number.

Should this be “More than 6 million …”


Post office deposits, probably not by 2030

Can’t be any worse than ToTheMoon Mobile - I have reported this 6 times now for several months, since August 2020 - talk about lazy…


Monzo’s user counter subtly changed from 5 to 6 sometime recently, so I guess that’s the race to 6m over!

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That race ended on February 9th:


Monzo are stating in their job ads " More than 10% of UK adults have a Monzo account."

Makes you think… at what point do they stop being a challenger bank?