The Piece Hall

Blatant plug for if anyone’s ever in the area of Halifax, West Yorkshire and is stuck for something to do.

the UK’s only surviving cloth hall dating back to 1779. It closed down for a number of years to undergo a massive £19 million refurbishment and opened back up on Yorkshire Day in 2017.

Full of independent shops, restaurants and bars

Looks just as stunning in the dark all lit up, even the rain can’t ruin it.


Been there many times, it’s great. Love Halifax, nearly moved there but Leeds has my heart .

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There is an event going on next Saturday 31st at Victoria theatre, 1200 people will be descending on Halifax and piece hall so you might find it quite busy

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All the postponed open air concerts from last year are going ahead in the next couple of months too, bringing in plenty people at least to keep all the shops and hotels happy.

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As a kid I visited Eureka! so often :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . Will have to look up the Piece Hall when I’m next in Halifax.

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It’s just over the road from Eureka, literally a 3 minute walk away. I loved that place as a kid :joy:


I’ve got fond memories of going to Eureka on a school trip. Making milk cartons, using those message tubes in the shop and playing in the fire engine. Good times :laughing:

Didn’t know about the piece hall though, I’ll add it to the list - thanks!

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It used to have some grass and was all cobbles, plus it’s on a sloping site. Been levelled out to make a massive square. Gets plenty use for so many events now.

Turns out that very event is now in The Piece Hall, can’t hold it in the theatre due to ventilation issues.

Hopefully the weather will be nice for it, it’s a better venue than a stuffy theatre at least. Dancing away in the open air.

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I always wanted to go but mum would never take us! :smiley:

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