Nottingham Meetup!

(Naji Esiri) #1

So it’s decided! We’re excited to announce the meetup destination for August is Nottingham :tada::tada::tada:

We’d love to hear any pointers on great venues and local independent food vendors in Nottingham - in addition to topics you’d be interested to hear about from the team!

Community Debrief 28/07/17

How about a Robin Hood theme, about not helping the rich but helping the poor?


When will the meet up be? I am going on holidays in August (back on the 16th) and I’d hate to miss this. :sob:

(Naji Esiri) #4

Most likely Tuesday the 22nd depending on availability!

(Ben King) #5

Very exciting!

What kind of venues are you looking for? If you’re looking for a professional setting, Nottingham Trent University is based in the centre of town and would have facilities you could use.

(Nicola Sansom) #6

So exciting, can’t wait :grinning:

(Naji Esiri) #7

@BenKing Somewhere already running cool community events both tech and non tech related would be ace! Capacity around 150. I’m currently reaching out to these guys

Would be really helpful to hear if anyone has attended an event there before?

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(Mark Rickaby) #9

The Malt Cross in the centre of the city has good exhibition/meeting space, is a wonderful building, has good food and even better beer. Worth a look!

(Ben Lill) #10

There’s Broadway Cinema ( and Antenna ( which have numerous spaces for meetups, both of which are in the city centre (which is easily accessible from the train station - via tram), and are close to numerous (independent) eateries.


Hey guys, I live here!

TechNottingham has a Slack group, I’ll drop them a message if that would be helpful?

TechNottingham is hosted in Antenna they’ve got a decent amount of space, but I think 150 might be a bit of a push.


Oh, you could also check out the Contemporary Art Museum

They’ve got some pretty big spaces downstairs you could use.

(Frank) #13

@Naji will this also be an account preview sign up event or purely a meet up?

(Naji Esiri) #14

Loads of great suggestions, thanks all!

@kbhasin ah thanks for the offer, I’m actually in touch with Andrew at the moment! Hope to see you there :slightly_smiling_face:

@Frankiejr This isn’t an account preview event I’m afraid. We hope to do some of these events outside London at some point in future.

(Nicola Sansom) #15

On their website they state 150 as the maximum.

(Lee Nicholls) #16

Hi all. I’m a Monzo user and Creative Producer at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham running Near Now, Broadway’s art, design and innovation studio ( I’m interested in fintech and we regularly host events about technology, design and innovation. We work with the Tech Nottingham folks on events like Hack 24 too.

I’d love to host the meetup and have a few spaces of varying capacities, that could work depending on how many people you’re expecting.



Sounds brilliant… can’t wait to find out more and really hoping I can make it. :iphone: