The Monzo Weekly Diary 2.0

(Anthony) #7


I’m Anthony, and I run Card Operations at Monzo :credit_card::gear:. Now that I have an account I’m sure you’ll see me around here a lot more!

I joined Monzo around 2 months ago and since then I’ve been:

  • Keeping the different plates spinning needed to ensure you get your cards delivered :postbox::credit_card: to you when you sign up or lose your current one! This is mainly the work of our great part-time team who come in every day to hand fill, label, and send out the card envelopes. I make sure they have everything they need to do this by coordinating with our suppliers
  • Visiting card manufacturers :credit_card: :factory: across the country to explore options for who will make our cards in the future. This was great to see all the production lines and the details of how cards are made and printed - like How It’s Made on the discovery channel!
  • Looking forward to when we launch: speaking with card suppliers to negotiate our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and looking at delivery options in order to make the process of getting a Monzo debit card as quick and hassle-free as possible :credit_card: :dash:

For next week I’ll nominate Will-S!

See yous later


Hi everyone, hope you’re well. :grinning:

I’m Will and I work in Business Operations. I’ve been at Monzo for just under two months and it’s been amazing!

My job is to make the company run better, whether that’s improving procedures, project managing different initiatives or helping a customer. It’s a great place to work because there’s total transparency and everyone is super talented and productive. The people and culture make it a breeze. :beach: :tropical_drink:

I’m spending most of my time:

  • In Customer Support, dealing with our awesome customers’ queries :question:
  • Refining our procedures, such as how we handle outages (when some or all of our services go down) :bomb:
  • Working on our migration to current accounts :credit_card:
  • Drinking coffee. It’s remarkable what you can get through :coffee:

I was a fan of Monzo long before I joined so it’s really cool to help build something that I believe in.

That’s all from me folks, but as Arnie said, I will be back. :robot:

I nominate @Beth for the next one… :wink:

(Beth Gee) #9

Hi :wave: I’m Beth and I’m part of the Customer Ops team :muscle: You might recognise my face from the little photos of the team on the help screen :blush:.

I started with Will 2 months ago now :calendar:. I think my emoji usage has tripled since then!

What I’ve loved most so far, is seeing how the experiences you share with us in CS (which in turn we share with the Product team) really make a difference to the development of the app :iphone:. The recent iOS update which enables you to get a PIN reminder using your Touch ID :point_up_2: is a great example of this!

This week the CS team have been trialling a new procedure for how we manage all the queries we receive :love_letter:. With more and more Monzonauts signing up, this is quite a challenge :sweat_smile:! Since the start of this year we’ve been having more than 4000 conversations a week (last week reaching 4900) :chart_with_upwards_trend:. The waiting time might be a little longer whilst we get used to this, but overall it seems people are much happier and are no longer being passed from person to person to get a final answer!

I nominate @sarahm for the next update!

(Sarah) #10

Hiya! I’m Sarah and I started at Monzo in Customer Ops like Beth, responding to customer queries! :tada:

I’m now working as a Financial Crime Analyst. This involves a lot of different day-to-day elements, with an overall focus on how we minimise our fraud exposure without compromising user experience :male_detective:

This week I’ve been working on how we can keep you up to date if you submit a chargeback request (to claim funds back from a merchant for any reason) :money_with_wings: and how we can make this most efficient once we launch our full current accounts :raised_hands: :blush: . I’ve also been getting up to date with all of our Financial Crime procedures (and asking loads of questions in the process!) :books:

For the next update I’ll nominate @sunny

(Sunny Yu) #11

Hi :relaxed: I am Sunny and I work in Digital Marketing and Paid Acquisition :pound:

I spend most of the time:

  • Looking for cost-effective ways to spread the word about Monzo, especially to people who do not know us :grinning:
  • Converting people who have been in touch with us (e.g. those who are following our Facebook page) to become Monzo users :sparkles: and keeping existing users engaged
  • Building spreadsheets to analyse the different components of Monzo’s customer acquisition funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue) :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I joined Monzo last month and I have been enjoying it. Everyone is so supportive of social media :wink:

I’ll nominate @priyesh for the next update :relieved:

(Priyesh Patel) #12

Hello! :wave:

I’m Priyesh and I’m an engineer here at Monzo. This week has been super busy; here are some things I’ve been working on:

  • Working on our upcoming crowdfunding round :pound:. As you may have noticed from our roadmap, we’re doing things a bit differently this time :wink:. Keep your eyes peeled for more details about this :soon:.
  • Reducing common customer support queries :speech_balloon:. Lots of customers get in touch for PIN reminders and to change their address. Viewing your PIN via Touch ID was the first step to productising these common requests, and we’re now working on some further improvements.
  • Optimising our backend: a bit of spring cleaning to shave some precious milliseconds off of the requests our mobile apps make.
  • Kicked off the work for profile pictures :camera_with_flash:. We’ve received lots of requests for this one, perhaps @hugo will show you a sneak peek of what this will look like?
  • Thinking about the details surrounding identity verification for our upcoming current accounts :page_with_curl:.
  • This week we’ve also been busy completing self-assessments and peer reviews for one another :pencil:. Feedback and development is really important at Monzo, so we put lots of effort into this process.

For the next update, I nominate @tomd. In the mean time, have a great weekend! :beach:

Profile Picture

Why the TouchID to view PIN? :sob: Why not be able to view it in the app without the need to compel use of TouchID or a phone with that built in? :angry:

EDIT I forgot Hugo answered this in another thread “By the time we offer full current accounts we’ll be able to do that kind of thing. For now we can’t store/use the card number or security code”


I’m guessing its the easiest way of securing against similtaneous phone and card theft. Can’t assume all users will have secure lockscreen, and an app specific password can be forgotten like the pin


Also for anybody concerned about lack of security in the Monzo app (a subject that has been mentioned before) there are apps available such as one by Norton which enable you to secure apps which may lack a signin password or PIN, or add a second layer to those app which already have such security. The Norton one gives you an option of securing with a Password or a PIN or by drawing a pattern on your screen.

(Marta) #17

Oi, I forgot about that locker apps exist, since I didn’t need it anytime recently! Thanks, @anon44204028. :smiley:

(Tom ) #20

I never want the app PIN protected by default. It would be infuriating. My iPhone has enough security features that I don’t need or want it on the app. However - anything that moves money out of my account should have that additional protection layer.

(Alex Sherwood) #22

@anon44204028 just a quick reminder, you raised this issue in this post & this was Hugo’s comment -

we’re a little off topic here…

(Tom Dolan) #24

Hi all!

I’m Tom D and I’m the Treasurer at Monzo. That doesn’t mean I sit on a giant treasure chest, but I do manage all the :dollar:. At the moment I’m working on our year end accounts :nerd: and helping set up a budgeting process for our next financial year, having just completed our financial model and project managed the process for integrating a payment scheme :money_with_wings:. This might sound slightly less fun than everyone else’s stories…but I love what I do :heart_eyes:!

I nominate @zancler for the next update :grin:

(Zander) #25

Hello everyone!

I’m Zander, one third of the Monzo design team — I spend most of my time working on the iPhone and Android apps you use, as well as updates and changes to the website :smile:

This week I’ve been bouncing around a few different things (this is pretty consistent every week!). Specifically I’ve been:

  • Redesigning how inviting and Golden Tickets work. You can now see who you’ve invited and how influential you are in the :monzo: community
  • Designing Search for Android that @emmag is about to build!
  • Creating a Help screen on Android and iPhone (not just chat). We’re going to be incrementally improving the experience when you’ve got a question in the app
  • @valerio has written the best terms and conditions for any bank ever, and I was working on how to display them in app/website/email/pdf
  • @hugo and I met with some of the Home Office digital team today to discuss building products that work for everyone (and other nerdy design stuff)
  • We kicked off a project inside of bankification that relates to your salary and the Spending screen. Maybe we’ll have a sneak peek soon :wink:

That’s all from me, a bit of a pick-n-mix.

Next up I nominate @kavi, our newest member of the Android team!

Golden tickets
The Colour of the Debit Card
Golden Ticket Leader-board?
Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞
Number of Monzo Users
Budget Gamification
Referral mechanism after current accounts
(Kavi Dhokia) #26


So @zancler has let the cat out of the bag, but I can officially confirm that I am indeed the newest member of the Android team at Monzo! :tada:
I may have only been around a few weeks but I’m already having a great time working with the ridiculously talented people here, and am pretty excited about some of the cool stuff we’ve got planned… :100:

The past couple of weeks for me have been spent getting familiar with how bank things work behind the scenes, getting into the technicals of how the app works, and basically just admiring the general wizadry that makes Monzo so great. (As well as using all the emojis :sweat_smile:)
Perhaps more excitingly though, I’ve also been working on bringing support – and bill-splitting – to the Android app :money_with_wings:. It’s almost ready to go and should be dropping in the app soooon :clock11:.

I guess you’ll find me lurking around here from now on, but you can get at me on Twitter as well if you’d like.
Oh, and don’t forget to drop your awesome ideas on the Extraordinary Ideas Board!

@matt, you’re up next. :v:


and Kavi you can also find us on Slick

(Andrew Schofield) #28

I think you meant the Extraordinary ideas board :stuck_out_tongue:

(Matt Heath) #29

Thanks @kavi, apologies I was away last week :wink: :skier: :mountain_snow: but I have a bumper update for you this week! :dancer:

Hi everyone! :raising_hand: I’m Matt, and I work as a Backend Engineer on our “Core” team where we focus on the systems and infrastructure which power Monzo :tools:

Recently I’ve been building our integration with the Faster Payments network :moneybag: which will let users of our current accounts :soon: send money to other banks :money_with_wings: This has been super interesting for me as it’s involved a huge range of different things - from networking :electric_plug: (in our physical data centres! :flushed:) to deploying messaging systems like IBM MQ to move payment messages :envelope_with_arrow: and finally our business logic which runs as a set of micro services in Kubernetes :cloud: We finally went live as a direct member of Faster Payments last week :tada: so since then I’ve been testing with a few members of the team - sending money back and forth to the other banks! :bank:

This week I’ll be working on a few fixes :hammer: for one of our asynchronous messaging systems to make it a bit more efficient as we grow :chart_with_upwards_trend: then some upgrades to our Bacs and CHAPS payment systems :money_with_wings: and finally some VPN configuration which involves establishing VPNs from our physical data centres into the Kubernetes overlay network :satellite: that’s meant I’ve learnt a lot more about TCP and BGP :books: I’ll also be speaking about our use of the [Go] ( programming language tomorrow at QCon London if that’s your kinda thing :wink:

Next up I’d love to hear what @ole is up to! :wave:


Is that as a “Direct Participant” at the heart of the FPS system? As while I saw announcements that Metro Bank and Starling had joined I had not seen such an announcement about Monzo.

Or is it just directly connected without using an agency bank?

(Matt Heath) #31

Yes, we’ve joined as a “direct participant” :slight_smile: No announcement as it’s not live for customers, but it will be as soon as we launch our current accounts :soon::bank: