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I expect this is the sort of integration that Monzo will enable companies like Quidco to establish themselves, through Monzo’s open API.

The API’s not ready yet but once it is, Monzo hopefully wouldn’t need to work with Quidco or a 3rd party developer, to get them set up.

You can keep an eye on the progress that Monzo’s making with the development of the API here -

Tom shares some examples of integrations that could be / have been built using Monzo’s API in this talk -

And there’s lots, which you can adopt, listed here.


Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but I find the categories quite restricting. It would be great if they could 1) be expanded on to include this like grooming, drinking etc and 2)you could add your own categories and assign retailers to these categories so the cost is automatically recognised under the right heading.

Thanks !

Please make it (or have the option) that any transaction in the expenses category does not contribute towards your spending for that month. I had to buy something on behalf of someone which was quite expensive, then they paid me back. Now it looks like I massively overspent for the month which is not true. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I have an extraordinary idea! (I think)

Wouldn’t it be great if I could easily see how much each Monzonaut within a specified group of friends had spent on various transactions after a night out together / weekend away, and then easily calculate how much each person is owed and by who?

Don’t know if this has already been mentioned, but its a common annoyance trying to work out who owes who how much, and more complex than just the Uber-style fare share because of multiple different transactions. Thanks! :smile:

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We could reward Monzo ‘ambassadors’ when more than 5 golden tickets have been used :grin:

Right now there’s 16 dedicated topics with this request so Monzo’s definitely aware of this :slight_smile: :mega:

This was the first post -

if you add any other suggestions there (for the reasons I mentioned in the post you recently liked ;))

The categories are going to be reviewed (& I expect more will be added) :soon:

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This is in the works :thumbsup:


That’s a great idea, it sounds like a combination of this idea -

& the bill splitting feature that’s on the way -

here’s a preview of version 0 of bill splitting -


That sounds good to me :wink:

How would you like to be rewarded?

I have an idea!

It would be great if Monzo was also linked to an airmiles system like Avios for example. So everytime you used your Monzo card you were also collecting airmiles!

This would probably be a huge bonus to your target audience, who I am assuming are people their 20s who are also more likely spending money on travelling as well!


Putting forward the concept of being able to easily be a good person and report a found card with an optional message to the owner for inclusion on the extraordinary ideas board!


You have the data on my past transactions. Now tell me how much I will have left at the end of the month. Or at this rate you will have spent this much by the end of the week.

Especially useful when on holiday when your spending pattern is very different.

Tell me if I am spending too much or am I OK.


This is sort of covered by the Pulse Graph which displays a forecast for your balance & when it will hit 0 -

that feature’s on it’s way for Android users, according to the roadmap.

But I it would be nice to see figures too, perhaps that will be built into the next update of this feature too :crystal_ball:

This bit’s covered by Target’s alerts (also on the roadmap for Android) -


Okay, I have some ideas which I thunk wold be really helpful!

  1. Online portal, so I can see what I see on my phone on my computer.

  2. Transfer money out of monzo. So say I top it up £50 every week, at the end of the week, the remainder of the initial top up is transferred to either a separate account or back to my bank account.

  3. Split items. So, if I’m buying something on Monzo, and want to split it, have a button on the transaction, where I can send a link, and when the person pays the specified amount, it comes off my spending total - so only my share of the payment is counted on in my monthly spending report.

Naji’s just added some new ideas to the board :champagne:

And also added

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On that note, we’re still working on improving e-mail deliverability for the monthly Journal newsletter :thinking: In the meantime if you have a Monzo card, but haven’t received the newsletter and would like to, DM me with your e-mail address so i can be sure you’re on the mailing list!

Spend by company in current month.

When looking into a months spending and clicking into a category such as transport it would be useful to see how much is being spent with a company.

For example my transport category is made up for TfL and Uber. If I click onto Uber it tells me no. of payments, average spend, and total spend.

If i’ve accessed this from Febuarys spend report, it would be good to see another field ‘Spent in Month’ so I could see how much of my transport category has gone to Uber.

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Not sure if this is something you’re looking for, but you can specify ‘this month’ or ‘last month’ etc and select multiple merchants to give you a breakdown. At the bottom of the screen is the costs, with export ability.

Apologies if you’re on Android as this iOS at the moment. Android is coming though :slight_smile:

I’ve just looked at the board and noticed 2 of the ideas could actually be combined into 1 idea…It’s the replacement card is on it’s way idea where they basically want to not miss payments and the style OneUse card idea…why not have a virtual card for subscriptions so if you do lose your card then your subscriptions don’t go out of sync…additionally you could maybe limit the merchants who can debit from it (not sure how feasible that bit of the idea is)

Has their been a suggestion for Monzo sending a notification on the anniversary of your account?