The latest Fintech startup - Number 26


Read with interest about the latest startup (also using wirecard) who has just raised a cool $40million.

Some of their features sound really interesting and would be good to see mondo looking at as well including only getting push notifications over a certain amount if you want and the ability to only freeze your card for online transactions, ATMs, foreign transactions etc


Not that new, I’ve had a number26 card for a while now

Great if you need to deal in Euros.

Their debit card is way cool - it is transparent so you can see the contactless antenna and chip :slight_smile:


Ah cool! Very surprised this is the first I’m hearing of it!

(Gabriele) #4

I’m very interested in them. Is there any timeline for their availability for UK residents?

(Saveen) #5

NUMBER26 gets a lot of respect around here, particularly for their ‘bank as a marketplace’ approach. At the moment they are only available in Austria, France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Slovakia. Not sure if a UK launch date has been announced.

(Adam) #6

I know in Spain they are not accepting new customers and haven’t been for 3 or 4 months. Not sure about the other countries. Definitely one to watch :eyes:

(Saveen) #7

Straight from the horse’s mouth… (cc:@Christophorus:wink:)

“Hey, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, no concrete plans about a UK launch yet, sorry.”


Looks like it might be sooner rather than later, Number 26 has been given a full licence by ECB and Bafin and is allowed to launch its app in the UK: