The @Coral-Crew tag

Not to take this off topic, but to flag that I never get an alert through that method.


Hm, interesting. Poll time! :woman_scientist:

Do you get a notification when forum users tag @Coral-crew?

  • Yes
  • No

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I never used to get a notification when people used that tag

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Me neither



Hm, what’s the point of the tag then?

I think it’s actually a group, and it’s by being in that group you get the mystical Coral Crew powers. When I tap on it, I can see the members and a big LEAVE button. Which is in red and is scary.


Hm, that makes sense. It’s just strange that the forum suggests this as a possible tag when trying to tag users… I assume it’s something for Discourse and not Monzo to sort

I should know this but what is the Coral Crew stuff all about?

They’re the people who keep this place tidy before having to escalate to :mondo: staff.

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The Commissioner Gordon(s) to Monzo’s Batman?

I now have images of the Coral Crew throwing up the Bat Signal to escalate things to Monzo now.




Wish I could like this twice!

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Ok, who voted yes and what happens for you?


Hm, I can’t see who voted but I didn’t tinker with the default poll settings. I guess if I change the settings it will reset?

Maybe something needs turning on

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How do you get the tag? I got a hot coral card does that mean I’m part of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s 5 or 6 replies above you. You have to be the Commissioner Gordon to Monzo’s Batman. It’s basically forum moderators


Wouldn’t the analogy actually be the other way around? As the legal institution, Monzo are the equivalent of the GCPD, making @AlanDoe the Commissioner Gordon of the community. Having no legal powers, the Coral Crew are the sanctioned vigilantes who are the Bat crew, and can fight among themselves over who gets to be Batman/Robin/Nightwing/Batgirl/Batwoman/Huntress/Oracle/etc.

(I’m thinking about this too hard, aren’t I?)


I’m gonna regret asking this, but who or what is the Joker…?