The @Coral-Crew tag

The Joker and the rest of the rogues gallery often to be found occupying Akham would probably map on to the trolls and malcontents that you’ve banned from the forum.

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If only we had that power. The most we can do is tut disapprovingly whilst Anxiously Waiting for Alan. (That’s incidentally the title of my Coral Crew memoirs).


Ah! Once again proving my argument that you’re the Bat-pals to Alan’s Gordon :grin:

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In the context of this community, Danny

[opens up even more issues]

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I have ask as someone that didn’t know this Danny guy, what is it that scares you all about him. I’ve seen people say some pretty bad things about Monzo on this place and are still here, what did Danny do to get banned but also illicit so much fear that you’re all constantly looking for him?

oh and should I be concerned about saying his name too many times?



As my role as Commisioner Alan I’ve tried changing one of the settings on the @Coral-Crew tag which should alert the Caped Crusaders (read as Coral Crew).

Awaiting alerts :eyes::rotating_light:


Here you go


I did a thing:

Hopefully you got notified