The Colour of the Debit Card

(Spencer Luxford) #52

Fair play, but I’m 43 and whenever my mates see the card they take the mick! All light hearted banter, but I personally would prefer a more premium card design, that would definitely get more people who don’t like the ‘hot coral’ into the bank, which is surely a good thing.

(Spencer Luxford) #53

Monzo, make this card please!!!

(Mike) #54

Hah well, of course it can’t please everyone! I just was asked about my card and signed someone up as they were purely interested in the colour - the instant notifications was just a bonus! :slight_smile:
I do agree, a card in a dark navy blue colour would be puurty so maybe a choice of two would be great.


I think it’s totally awesome that monzo are choosing to ignore the fairly common feedback in favour of less extroverted branding and push ahead with their loud and obnoxious hot coral. Go hard or go home!

The colour is an important part of their growth equation. If it was black you might have the average user refer 0.5 new users so it would not spread in the same way. When you whip your hot coral out and everyone on the dinner table is like “whoa what is that thing”, and you are like “yeah it’s a brand new bank with a slick app, real time notifications, free forex and lots of other stuff” then suddenly you are looking at the venture capital holy grail of over 1.0 users referred by each user… which is where growth becomes completely organic and viral. That is a key reason why monzo is going vertical.

This compared to dark purple cards where the CEO’s and CFO’s need to go on social media to pitch the product to individuals and argue about whether interbank or MasterCard rate is marginally better, as their users don’t refer anyone because it’s boring (even though it’s basically the same thing!)

(Sacha) #56

It would be interesting to know how many Monzonauts each of us have created (both directly by us and indirectly including those who signed up by people we gave golden tickets to in the first place). Perhaps in a future update?

(Alex Sherwood) #57

It will be, Zancler mentioned back in February that Monzo are working on this feature :tada:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #58

this is like the never ending story of I’ve signed up knowing the colour of the card, but don’t like the “hot coral” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • I agree with @rarther and others previously regarding the talking point / recognition value of “the Hot Coral card” - I don’t think I have ever presented my Lloyds bank, Halifax Clarity, Co-op bank, or Capital One CC and the person taking them commented on the colour/ nice galloping horse - but with the Monzo card I have had at least 10 wow, great colour, never loose that card etc etc - it becomes an instantly recognisable brand colour for that, whats its name, internet bank.

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #59

Hot Coral is super best.

(Adam) #60

Is there a reason for the slight colour change in the cards? Each batch seems to be a slightly different colour with the debit card being more orange than the others ??


Worst “I’ve got a debit card and you haven’t” posting ever :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Adam) #62

@davetmg that would be my tweet from last week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Marta) #63

I’d take the bait, you can get back at them so easily? Anyone is complaining about long phone hold when calling their bank; “oh, I need to go to branch again, here goes my lunch break”, or you getting back from hols and saying “I saved £50 on currency exchanges”, “I was waiting for refund, but I asked them on chat and they refunded today”, “Monzo was down, but they reimbursed me”, “It was Sunday, perfect day to do some banking with excellent Monzo Support guys”… I’m pretty sure this will trump small banter from your mates, what do they have to say? Just about colour… :smiley:

And basically, why is none of them using Monzo yet, hmmm? :joy:

(Mark Dunne) #64

This card looks really smart! :+1:t2:

(Jake Hill) #65

When I’m paying for something and whip the card out, if the sun is shining the colour of it actually reflects on the cashier’s face :joy: they always ask ‘wow that’s a bright card, which bank uses it?’

To be honest, I say it’s a great colour because I can see it when I’m drunk and trying to pay for stuff… :smirk::joy:

:monzo: for the win! :tada:



I think that - from a user’s perspective - it’d be great if there were at least a couple of options for card colours. I completely get the marketing reason behind having one very distinctive colour on offer, but given that blue is the colour that drives the app, perhaps that should at least be an option? In an ideal world, having something like a plain white card with the Monzo branding will still be striking and would be much more aesthetically pleasing!

I imagine that the marketing benefit of there being a sea of fluorescent orange cards probably renders this unlikely, but it doesn’t hurt to throw it out there!


I love the hot coral card but more importantly in my opinion it allows me to quickly recognise other Monzo users and it’s a great conversation starter.

If we had the choice now, that waow factor would dilute and as a small bank still, I think Monzo would be shooting itself in the foot if they got rid of it now.

Maybe in a few years, once Monzo is bigger the coral card won’t be as important and other more traditional colours like navy could be introduced.

(Jonathan) #68

I quite like the hot coral colour, it has got a lot of friends interested in Monzo and some have joined

However if we were to choose colours then I’d definitely think going all out on fluorescent colours is best - we need to spread the Monzo word one extremely bright coloured flash at a time


I get that a lot and it’s a great opener - I’ve referred at least one person just from that very opportunity to explain what the card is. There’s nothing like catching the eye for organic viral marketing :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hugh) #70

I like the hot coral but I think the design could be cleaned up and made a little more “premium”. Speaking to a certain employee I was given to understand Monzo are looking to get MasterCard waivers to alter certain aspects of the layout/design beyond what is normally permitted.
It is also a question of scale: in the beginning it would have been hard enough to get a card manufacturer on the phone, now with the impressive growth rate they’ll be trying to lap up the business and thus will be pushing the boat out!

(Edgars) #71

New colours for card?