The Collectibles!


What did you used to collect and do you still have them or even more, are you still collecting?! :eyes:

As kids most people had that one thing they coveted and collected! Anything from Coins, to action figures, games and gaming systems, seashells, model cars, physical music, and in my case Retro basketball trainers.

My Obsession so very obviously began with my love of basketball being epitomised for eternity in a groundbreaking* movie titled SpaceJam. :basketball:

As soon as I saw those Jordan 11’s (Since re-released December 2016) and my 2 favourite people in 1 movie together I was hooked, from then on I always dreamt of owning all of my favourite retro basketball trainers for a variety of reasons!.. And the collection is still growing. :athletic_shoe:

Share your stories and pictures of your collections too!

*This use of the world groundbreaking is very loose and simply describes the fascination of a child :joy: