Number pad covering the amount field in pots withdrawal page

When trying to withdraw money from a pot, the number pad covers the input field so I can’t see how much I’m withdrawing

Details to reproduce:

Open the withdrawal page for a pot and try to withdraw money


Android 10


Nokia 6.1

App Version:



I can’t take a screenshot because if I try to the number pad dissappears

I get this too, it’s happened for a while.
When the keyboard comes up it covers the text field so you can’t see what you’ve typed.
You also can’t scroll down.

Are you using an add-on keyboard? Not the stock one?

I’m sure this was the issue last time

Took a video of it happening

It’s a Pixel 5 with stock gboard.

I’m pretty sure it’s stock keyboard for me as well. Thanks for the video @robsug.

I’ve also been getting it for a while now that I think about it. I thought maybe it’s a feature so I don’t have to see how much money I’m losing :laughing:

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Just checked, I submitted this bug October 21st last year, so it’s been happening that long at least.

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Haha! At least I’m consistent!