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We’re chatting about savings rates in a bunch of different topics. As an experiment I thought I’d create a wiki for us to keep track of the current best rates (and chat about them obvs). Let’s see if it works…

Easy Access Savings

Bank / Account Name Interest rate Restrictions / Notes
Barclays Rainy Day Saver 5.12% upto £5,000 (0.15% above £5,000)
Zopa 2.86%
Cynergy 2.75%
Al Rayan Everyday Saver issue 3 2.81%
Tandem 2.05%
Virgin Money 2.02%
Gatehouse 2.80%
Ford Money 2.62% currently closed to new accounts
Tesco Bank 1.91%
Atom 1.90% AER
Shawbrook 1.81%
Marcus 2.50% AER (including a 1 year fixed bonus of 0.25%)

Notice Savings Accounts

Bank / Account Name Interest rate Restrictions / Notes
Tandem 4.25% Lock for 1 year
Tandem 4.5% Lock for 18 months
Tandem 4.6% Lock for 2 years
Tandem 4.7% Lock for 3 years
Tandem 4.8% Lock for 5 years
Zopa 2.91% 7 day notice
Zopa 3.06% 31 day notice
Zopa 3.26% 91 day notice

Regular Saver Accounts

Bank / Account Name Interest rate Restrictions / Notes
HSBC 5% 12 months, Max 250 monthly
Yorkshire Building Society 5% Existing customer for at least 1 year, Max 500 monthly
First Direct 7% 12 months, Max 300 monthly
NatWest 5.12% AER until £5000 (0.5% after), Max 150 monthly
RBS 5.12% AER until £5000 (0.5% after), Max 150 monthly
Club Lloyds Monthly Saver 5.25% max £400 monthly for 1 year, easy access for withdrawals
Lloyds Monthly Saver 4.50% max £250 monthly for 1 year, easy access for withdrawals
Halifax Regular Saver 4.50% max £250 monthly for 1 year. No withdrawals allowed unless you close the account

Feel free to play around with the formatting, adding tables, links or other info if that helps!


Your post isn’t a wiki so I can’t edit, but these are Marcus’s and atom’s rates (gross):

Easy access:
Marcus - 1.24% (with a 12 month fixed bonus rate of 0.25%)
Atom - 1.49%



(Try again now)


Added Tandem easy access savings at current rate of 1.65%


Regular savers added.


Good luck with this.

Soulsaver has been trying to do similar on the MSE forum, however, they change almost bi-daily


Yorkshire Building Society have a 5% Loyalty Regular Saver.

Existing customers who have been with them over 12 months IIRC


Ford Money & tesco bank added.


I’ve added the Barclays Rainy Day Saver.


Ford is going to 2.5% for existing from Wednesday.

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Adjusted to note the Barclays regular saver is only 5% up to £5k, drops to 0.15% thereafter.

Thanks @Peter_G


Tandem easy access is now 2.05%

They also have the following Fixed Saver rates…

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Zopa rates updated in first post.


FD rate is 7% on a max £300/ month for 12 months starting from December.

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Coventry Building Society have a Limited Access account, (6 penalty free Withdrawals) that currently pays 2.85%, increasing to 3.25% at the turn of the year.

Tandem EA 2.55%

I did say it would be a task to keep up to date :grin:


Ford has increased their rates:

In line with Our Best Rate Guarantee we’re increasing the interest rate on our Flexible Saver effective 21st December 2022 as follows:
Currently: 2.47% Gross
New rate (21st Dec): 2.62% Gross

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Hampshire Trust Bank (no, me neither until I opened an account) have 2.25% easy access and 4.5% 18 month fix.


Yes, I also noticed that wasn’t showing in the table. I’ve updated it now!

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Given that this is a subject that changes fairly rapidly I thought I would ask this question again although there are several threads on the topic already. That, and I have never heard of the institution in the link below until it came up on a Martin Lewis top 10 savings accounts search.

My partner and I are looking to combine our savings into one joint account. We will be depositing a lump sum and adding to the balance as circumstances permit and therefore not looking to make regular monthly deposits. Do want easy access though without restriction or penalty and this lot seem to have an ideal product @5% interest.

On the basis that we have been together for nearly 34 years we have no concerns about one of us running away with the till :slight_smile:

Does anyone know anything about them or can suggest a route for me to check them out more fully? Perhaps there are better options out there? Would like to hear about them.

I will be posting this on another forum so apologies for the repetition.

Variable Rate Savings Accounts | Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB)

Many thanks

EDIT: further apologies I seem to have made this a poll. Perhaps a mod can alter it?

I have changed the title so as to not confuse it with Help to Buy

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