Latest savings deals

There are a lot of savings deals happening lately. Whilst the moneysavingexpert article is good for up to date deal, sometimes deals are mentioned earlier.

I.e. NatWest change to 5% was known here earlier, ditto chase, Marcus, and zopa rate changes.

Here is another deal that is upcomming

Coventry building society £1k a month regular saver, easy access, 3 years, savings account interest going up to 5% in the new year.

Despite having an online account, one needs to print and sign application form, which failed to generate for me, so requested for them to post it to me.

Despite the marketing, there is no restriction on what one is saving for.

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It’s not clear whether they will enforce the rule that you must be saving for a house deposit, though.

Specific terms and conditions does not have any restrictions on reasons to open, top up, withdraw from, or close the account.

The optional £500 bonus applies only if Coventry mortgage is taken out and is successful, with certain conditions.

It is just a regular savings account, with an optional sweetener bonus if one happens to get mortgage with Coventry building society.


No, but when you click to apply, one of the things in the pre-application checklist is:

Must be saving to build up a deposit to buy a first home
For yourself or a family member

I can’t in all honesty bring myself to apply because of that.

They also have regular saver without any savings goal conditions. 12 months, £500 a month, with rate going up to 4% in January (from the same table of interest rates from Reddit).

Also they have limit access (6 withdrawals a year) going up to 3.25%. which might be a good feeder account into regular saver, at least for 6 months worth of deposits.