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It wasn’t a poll, it was in the feedback section so there’s the option for people to vote on the idea.


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The savings offerings on the HTB website seem to change frequently (for fixed rates at least - they’ll withdraw everything and there will be nothing for a while but then reappear). But they do have the advantage of offering joint savings for fixed and variable rates.

We opened an 18 month fixed rate account at the end of 2022. The application process on the website was easy enough. The credentials for online account logon came through by post so a bit of a wait but nothing major. Once you have an account opened online, I think that to open a second account you have to phone them.

Paying in was easy though not reflected online until next working day I think.

Written communication is clear, professional, nicely done.

There’s no app (not such an issue for savings though) and logon is with a hard to remember user ID.

However on the whole, although I’d never heard of them either, a really good experience and if they have another decent fixed rate we’ll probably stay with them when this one ends in May.

Hope this helps.

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It does @projectfortytwo, thank you. I’ve checked their FCA registration and there is a warning that they are only registered for certain activities. Couldn’t spend the time then to check what the exemptions were. R-

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