The ability to accept or decline _every_ transaction


Hi, it might be a long shot, but

I would really love to have the option to be able to accept or decline every transaction, which means if Amazon tries to get money from my card a message would appear on the phone and with my touch id or pin code I could say YES or NO to the transaction. in this case It could not happen that a, somebody could steal from your card b, and unwanted transaction would go through.

So basically every transaction would be delayed… I would love to have this feature

of course you could set to accept every transaction right away, or whitelisted shops… lots of good ideas :wink:


Mondo has to respond to every transaction request within a short period of time. (around 300 ms). That is not enough time to prompt the user to accept it. Basically, the transaction would be denied the first time always, and then you would have to accept it. This would just make the whole experience messier.

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I don’t believe that would be legal or, more importantly, usable.

At a stroke it would destroy the trust between retailers and consumers as every transaction could no longer be guaranteed by the bank because the customer would have ultimate veto rights.

I think this would drop us back to being a cash only society within a day.


@feathers Well you can freeze your card which is a method of declining every transaction anyway…for lets say a day… and that is the same as declining an already “made” transaction. But if Mondo has to response right away then it is definitely a long shot :smiley:

@hatimbt I did not know about the strict response time

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Not really as retailers wouldn’t accept a frozen card meaning that there would be no transaction to decline…if you see what I mean!


What do you mean by an already “made” transaction? If you are referring to offline transactions, Mondo would still have to charge your card even if you have frozen it. If you don’t have enough funds, your card would go into overdraft. This is one of the only cases where your mondo balance can become negative.


no overdraft on a prepaid card… it appears a declined transaction. In the future it will, but I dont know if they can have the same freezing option to a real debit card


What I meant by overdraft is you would have a negative balance.


YEs I understood it, and I still am saying, that you can’t have a negative balance on a prepaid card :slight_smile:


TFL has delayed transactions, so if you freeze your card they would not be able to get their money, because its gonna be declined I suppose, or as from a prepaid card they cannot take it… Anyway this forum is not about this, but about a feature which definitely not as good as I thought it would be haha :smiley: Thanks anyway :smiley:


Usually Mondo always tries to do an online transaction. Which means that the merchant (the till) would connect to Mondo directly and requests authorisation. Mondo then checks your balance and if you have funds, it would authorise it. But when you can’t do an online transaction, an offline one is made. The merchants collects the card info, and then charges your card later. This would not be instant as Mondo would only know about this when MasterCard clears the payment. If you do not have enough funds when the payment is cleared, your Mondo account will go negative.

    Okay :) cheers :) @hatimbt


so actually, the answer is no. if you give your payment card (mondo card) details, and they try to charge later, and you dont have enough fund, it will be declined, it wont go into negative… there is no overdraft facility what so ever on Mondo… Mondo will decline every transaction which has no fund available for… look around in the forums and the mondo responses


Took a while to find this, but here you go.

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I should clarify that this is NOT an overdraft. This is just one of the risks inherent in card issuing :slight_smile:


well you have found this I will copy what I have found … same from Mondo… and with tfl it happened with me they could not get their money even if the auth has gone through (im speaking about using your mondo card as your oyster) because there wasnt enough fund on my card… it has been declined and hasnt been gone into negative… maybe we are talking about 2 different type of offline payment… tfl does a preauth but will only charge the card next day…it is and will be declined if you dont have enough money… it happened with me on my Mondo card…