The 96’ers


Welcome to the Freetrade team, let’s hope they enjoy Monzo level success!


Ha you’re right it is a pretty cool term. We should get t-shirts!

(Tom ) #23

We really should. @naji?

(Emma (still not the app)) #24

I already have 96 on the back of my Liverpool top because of Hillsborough


and I thought they named it after me…my weight is 96 kg

(Nikhil velani) #26

I’m a 96er :+1: Monzo all the way

(Will) #27

Another 96er here - invested in every round. :tada:

It has been pretty amazing seeing how well Monzo has done in the meantime - despite the head-start that Starling had (both in inception and banking licence).

It’s really not uncommon for me to go out for meals with friends and for everyone to be paying with Hot Coral :grin:


Wasnt that a bug? Mine got changed to about £1100. Or did you not have the max to start with?