The 1p saving challenge!

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #21

I am on day whatever 55 maybe… dunno I just put the amount in from whatever day this was posted and carried on from there.

I will get bored soon though as I have to remember to do it and one day I will forget then just stop and maybe catch up a few days later.

Easy so far, no impact on my money, just doing it for the end result.

(Andy) #22

Just started this today set up a dedicated Pot now if we could move the money automatically that would be great

(Mega Charizard) #23

Oh my gosh this is an amazing idea. I’ve never seen this. Love it. Defently going to set a pot going for this once my cards been sent out!


I’ve actually been doing this with Starling as at the time (December 2017), you could move money from the account to a pot via the API. I then store values that I have used in a DB to keep track of what I have done. I batch payments for a week so that I don’t have too many smaller payments taking space in my personal accounting! It’s been fun to see so far!

(Jack Donovan) #25

55?! I had only posted about it about 5ish days before :joy:

(Mega Charizard) #27

Anyone still doing this? I’m on day 16!


I’m on day 69, started on 01/01/2018…

(Andy Barnes) #29

Love this idea. Especially doing it in reverse!

(Dawid) #30

How are you able to move such amounts to the pot? I can only do it in £5 increments?

(Mega Charizard) #31

@Dawid If you click the number it lets you do any number

(Dawid) #32

Thanks @fruityseb I want to blame it on it being early in a day but no excuse is good enough for not figuring that out haha

(Mega Charizard) #33

No it’s not overly obvious to be fair.

(Andy Barnes) #34

I’m sure they will change this functionality. I spent 5 months only moving £5 increments! It’s really not obvious.


Great minds think alike: Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings

I mentioned something similar in relation to Chip. Would be great if Monzo could do it. Chip pays interest where Monzo does not.

(Dawid) #36

I started the challenge as well. Automatic savings like that would take some work to implement (some kind of rules engine) but it would be nice to have!

(Stuart Tarn) #37

I’d love Chip and Monzo to tie up! It would be one more reason to ditch NatWest and get into bed completely with Monzo

(Andrew Turner) #38

Hi guys is it not possible to make a pot that could be used to do the 365 money saving Challenge or similar? :currency_exchange:

Or how about Monzos 365 Day saving Challenge and if you can do it without dipping into the saving Challenge pot untill the last day Monzo will reward you with…:gift::tickets::trophy: well that’s up to you guys & girls. :tada:

Let me know what you think :ballot_box:


Hey Andy,

The automated movement of funds into a pot / “Coin Jar” feature was only shipped a couple of weeks ago as a minimum viable product - so i’m sure it still has a lot further to go with the iterations that will surely be on the way.

I’ve seen this question answered by Monzo on Twitter (I think) with their response being that the suggestion will be passed on to the development team - so perhaps it is already on the way!

In the meantime why not join the other Monzonauts on the 1p challenge thread where they are doing this challenge manually: Idea for your pot (1p saving challenge) :smiley:

(Tyler Banks) #40

Nice Idea, Keep it UP GUYS!!

(Trevor Mitchell) #41

I like this, doing it backwards makes so much sense as people like things that get easier… so if monzo introduced the 1p / £1 challenge as an auto function id like to see an option to do it in reverse mode. :sunglasses: