TfL Weekly Summary as Notification

TFL (Transport for London) charges are messy and I believe it is just the way it works with TFL.

I miss a centralized way to confirm my weekly expenses with TFL are being calculated considering the weekly cap.

It could be in a form of a single notification that summary all the money spend on a particular week. Saying something like in the week, from 20th to the 27th, you spent £27.00 with Transports for London.


That would be a neat feature. I guess a good transaction search query will get you someway to do this but is a bit fiddly.

Ideally a good daily/weekly summary AND the option to mute these transactions in my timeline so it’s not littered with all my PAYG coming and goings.

And then a recommendation to say “Hey - you should probably get a monthly / whatever travel card rather than PAYG.”

With a link to CommuterClub or similar to spread the cost of an annual pass.

[FYI CommuterClub “… found through a Freedom of Information request to TfL that fewer than 10% of the 2.5 million people travelling around the capital each day benefit from the savings of season tickets.”]