TfL info improvements with check in/out locations and times

(Matt) #21

my sister does this but do you now have to intervene if you see an issue?


When i was sworn in as an officer I would intervene regardless of it I was on duty or not

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #23

This is nice!

How do you get your Monzo card to show?

(Eve) #24

Just tried it- it works a treat! Thank you

(Adam Hockley) #25

wow at last a tfl contactless account app :smiley: i going download and try this soon.

(Gary Grace) #26

Once you have added your :monzo: :credit_card: to your TfL account, if you nickname it Monzo the :monzo: :credit_card: image will be displayed in the app instead of the generic MasterCard one :rabbit: :egg:

You can also edit the nickname in the app if you Upgrade to Pro :wink:

If you edit the card’s nickname on the TfL website, you might have to logout of the app and back in again, or pull down on the cards screen to refresh the list.

Editing nickname on TfL’s website:

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #27

Swapped name and it’s now showing :slight_smile:

Free upgrades for Monzo users yeah? :wink:


Great App. Where can I find it in the Google Play Store?

(Alex Sherwood) #29

In case anyone else is wondering, you can set your card as a Monzo card by editing it’s nickname in the settings -

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #30

Does anyone still use this and has it been updated? It’s no longer in the app store and @gary has not been online for ages :frowning_face:

(MikeF) #31

I still use it but don’t remember an update since I’ve had it.

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #32

Same, it’s a good app.

I like how it shows you your travel near real time so you know what you have spent…

(Jason Yau) #33

I have an 18+ Oyster card which saves me a heap of cash but It is not comparable with the regular oyster website, it uses some outdated photo card website and you cannot use any of the normal apps even the official Oyster card app doesn’t work.

(MikeF) #34

My kids photo cards work fine with just about everything. It’s only the official app that really has a problem with them. The website and other apps are fine.

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #35

Anyone still using this? seems @gary has not updated or been here since

(Gary Grace) #36

Sorry for not replying sooner, @Danny - I had to remove that version of the app from the App Store.

I’m currently working on a new and improved version of the app. If you’re interested, I can send you an invite to the TestFlight beta, so you can try it out before it’s available on the App Store.

If anyone else is interested too drop me a private message, the more feedback the better! :rocket: