TestFlight Release Discussion


What does the pending payments section look like? Looks like a much needed feature.

(sadly not on TestFlight)


You can ask via in app chat if there’s any space. There’s only usually a week or less between TestFlight and prod release

(Michael) #7

Just like this …


I wonder if Monzo will release their public TestFlight link to help signups to it… could be worth looking into. I wonder how many customers ask for access through the support channels.

(Nathan) #9

Yeah this is a nice step in the right direction.

Next steps:

  • Be able to send a reminder from this area
  • Be able to delete the request

(Michael) #10

Another version dropped over night … Nothing instantly visible - but the basis for being able to view card number in the app is there now! :tada:


I’m interested in the DD redirect to joint accounts. I’ve got one that needs changing over that’s not worth the effort of constantly chasing


What’s the “updated monzo icons”?

Is it just to update the standard icon to the darker yellow, or are there more surprises in the icon selection?

(Michael) #13

No major icons I’ve noticed changing … but then again they could be very subtle or in places I’ve not been into since downloading it. :frowning:


Yeah it’s probably just the darker yellow on the standard icon then.

It’s more of a beige in the older version, now it’s more of a mustard yellow.

image :arrow_right: image

(Simon) #15

New release.


New release is up:

Not a hugely helpful changelog though.

(Simon) #17

Also sent from monzo is no longer default tested it fine.
Can’t update the sent from monzo thread as it’s locked.

[iOS] Joint account round up pot, presentation issue
(Nathan) #18

Nothing new in latest that i can see :thinking:

(Michael) #19

New locked pot flow is in, allowing you to unlock yourself…

(Michael) #20

(Nathan) #21

Ahh so it is, when i checked last night it wasnt.

Lets hope the accounts screen is also in background

(Nathan) #22

Another new testflight.

I dont like the mismatch now between the capitalisation of words of some of the account settings and the pots settings.

Should have stuck to all lowercase in my opinion

(Michael) #23

Latest Version Released:

(Michael) #24

Agreed. Also, seems like you can’t click on the Pot to get the extra information about it anymore. :frowning: