TestFlight - 1.9.28 Released

Just been released to TestFlight


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Here’s the text - just in case anyone wants to quote it -

Spring has technically sprung, and fresh shoots are sprouting on the Monzo allotment. Actually, do shoots sprout? Or do sprouts shoot?

Anyway. You can now:

  • get your card delivered anywhere in the world when you’re upgrading
  • tell your Monzo contacts apart from other payees with a Monzo logo
  • display your preferred name for P2P transfers
  • see why a transaction declined in the transaction details screen.
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Also seems that there’s an unmentioned (but much appreciated) feature in this release:


Also in here the pin icon has changed again and you can now get your pin using the cards cvc instead of photo ID and video :scream: This was a much needed enhancement! :+1:t2:


Why don’t they mention all these awesome updates in the text :disappointed:

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re: Display preferred name for P2P transfers.

Thumbs up from me if this gets rid of my middle name. Looking forward to seeing this one.

I recall someone saying the Monzo.Me confirmation email receipt also included a middle name. Has that been changed as well?

Currently I cannot find this feature (p2p preferred name) in the app. Any hints? :man_shrugging:t2:

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Also seems you can only suggest direct debits from the transaction and not the direct debit list. Is it being added here too?

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The ability to make your Direct Debits nice has also been added!

Edit… this was said above sorry ha

But only once debited. I have two ugly DDs but the don’t debit for another month.

It would be good for the references to be more prominent too. Both on the DD list and also when you go into the transaction details.

So I read it as you can change your preferred name for Monzo-to-Monzo payments only, nothing to do with your Monzo.me username.

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Just on this, I do think it should say ‘Monzo to Monzo’ rather than ‘P2P’ on the official release notes. Although they mean the same thing not everyone will know what ‘P2P’ means.

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Looks like chat has been updated too. Looks like the right idea but both options end in the same place :thinking: assuming this one is a bug @cookywook :point_up:t2:

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I was expecting that when i make a transfer/payment to one of my other accounts or another non-Monzo person, it will transfer it with my display name (i.e. excluding middle name).

Bit disappointed if it’s only Monzo to Monzo. There is no need for my middle name to be included when paying anyone. That’s stopping me using the account fully.

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