[TestFlight] Payees Hub notification unresponsive

Issue: After enabling the new payee hub in labs, a new feed item appears. Clicking on it shows the following screen:

Despite it saying to tap for more info, tapping on it does nothing. The only UI element that works is the button to go back to the account.

OS: iOS 14.4
Device: iPhone 11 Pro
App Version: 3.67.0 (711)

This isn’t limited to TestFlight version of app. I had the same issue and I’m not using the TestFlight version. I’m on 3.66.0 #707. iOS 14.3

Android has different behaviour. Tapping on the feed item does nothing, so the display above is never shown.

But I wouldn’t expect anything to happen anyway, it is only notification entry. Speaking of which…

Notification entries into the feed, where Labs is concerned, inform of a Labs feature being enabled. Why isn’t there a feed entry when a Labs feature is disabled?

I have raised a chat with CS on this to see if they intend to fix it.

As @davidwalton said above, tapping on this gets absolutely no response on Android.

Reply was to delete and ignore this feed item and just use the hub.

When I asked how, I found out that the word PAYEES, in blue top right, is actually a link.

My failing psychic ability to know that let me down again :man_shrugging:

…which leads me right back to:

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