TestFlight app version 1.7.0 (267)

Tried using Siri to send a payment to several contacts and keep getting a message to continue within the app itself.

I get a similar message but with the same result

I’m getting this too :frowning:

I got there in the end. Is Monzo turned on in the Siri settings guys?

Settings > Siri > Apps and turn Monzo on.

My phrase was ‘Send £10 to Ashley Redwood via Monzo’ and it worked a dream.

If I knew how to attach a screenshot on iPhone here I would.

mine is otherwise it wouldn’t have let me get that far

I got that far without having Monzo turned on.

Mine wouldn’t let me and Siri pushed the settings option on me, but I do have it turned on anyway.

Have you tried a device restart?

Changed several numbers from 00447xxx to +447x and that seems to have done the trick

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This seems to have introduced other bugs with TouchID.
As standard I have TouchID for Monzo enabled, when I try to make a payment, Siri gives me an error and says I need to provide my credentials with the option the open the Monzo app. Selecting the app brings you to the pay your contact page (no touchID needed) if I cancel the transaction, I still have full access to the app.

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My Monzo is on in Siri and my numbers are in a standard 077xxx format.

I have Monzo turned on in Siri settings and have restarted the device, but am being told “Monzo hasn’t set that up with me yet”

I have now deleted the Monzo app switched off phone , switched on phone and reinstalled the app - and then installed test flight again .

Tried Siri and first time it gave me a screen with send money to the person requested - I pressed send and the person got a text message from me saying “£10 using Monzo” but no money.

Now I get OK I found on the web for …just as my previous post with pic

an amount smaller than £5 I get the same, anything higher than £5 it seems to work okay.

just got my first logout :scream:
Phone has been connected to WiFi at home the entire time.

Hey all,

Unfortunately Siri is a tad flaky at the moment with the new ‘Intents’. Let me run through some of the common error responses:

If you see “Sorry, you’ll need to continue in the app.” (e.g. in @walderston’s case) : this will either be because you need to use your PIN (in which case it should take you to the app and let you enter your PIN) or the app doesn’t have access to your contacts. The best way to rectify this is to try sending a payment (e.g. of 1p) through the app to check that all works well.

If Siri says “I wish I could, but Monzo hasn’t set that up with me yet.” (e.g. in @mattstibbs’ case) : this is because Siri thinks you are trying to send a message rather than a payment. Sometimes this can happen due to the wording or if you specify an amount between £1 and £10. If you want to make a payment in that range try saying, for example “1 pound sterling”.

If Siri shows you a response about sending a message or searches the web (e.g. in @anon95680666’ case) then Siri has misunderstood you, in such a case please make sure Siri is enabled for Monzo in Settings > Siri > App Support. Siri should realise and prompt you to enable this when you first attempt to make a payment but won’t if Siri misunderstands you.

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