TestFlight 1.9.31 (382) feedback

  1. Menu icon height defect is back. I have not noticed this issue for a while but getting it quite often on this version.

  2. Direct debit details incorrect. At the bottom of the direct debit details it is showing my sort code and account number rather than that of say Barclays. If you go into one of its debited payments this shows correctly at the bottom.

  3. Direct debit search incorrect. When you go into the detail you see a summary (e.g. 3 debits) which is correct but if you then tap through it is not displaying those three debits. This is for a number of reasons; the search parameter is the new friendly DD name but some DDs are the original, I have two DDs for the same company but different references. The search pick up both sets of payments due to the search being on DD name alone.

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Could I be readded to TestFlight versions?

I think that the search when tapping on the summary should be on the DD reference, which would solve all these problems.

Is the DD reference the short number? If I go into an actual payment, there is a really long number, but they all have the same prefix which is shown in the actual DD instruction view.


You need to fill in this form :slight_smile:


Thanks Dan!

The DD reference is shown in grey text under the organisation name in the main feed. It is also shown as the second-to-last line (above organisation name/sort code/account) in both the transaction detail, and the direct debit detail in the Payments section. In my screenshot below, it’s the second-to-last line where I’ve greyed out the text after EL (though EL is part of the reference). DD references can be numbers, letters, or a mix, it all depends on the organisation taking the DD and what they specify.

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There’s a small bug on the new SO display.

If you look at the payment row, it has Th at the end, in an unusual format. Should be superscript.

I noticed on some of my direct debits the reference has changed each month. Not the first few characters but definitely the latter few. So using reference may be possible but not straight forward.


Why are these things never simple?!

But if tapping on the summary searched on the DD reference, you could at least easily edit the search (delete the last few characters). It would be a good starting point, even if the reference changes.

The thing is the headline number is correct so whatever is pulling that back should be the search parameter. Simples :sunglasses:

Below is an example of a manual search that shows my EE debits. The auto search form the DD only pulls the first 3.


We’ve now also got an official thread for the public release of 1.9.31: