Testers wanted for this Thursday! 🔜

Are you free at midday this Thursday and want to swing by our offices for an hour, check out some new features we’re building and give us your feedback?

Email me! Tristan@monzo.com :slight_smile: iOS users only this time please.

Don’t have an iso device but where are your offices located

Trying to link Google Maps here but Discourse keeps turning it in to a broken embed!

You can find it by just Googling Monzo but the reported address of their current office is 12 Epworth St, London EC2A 4DL. Approximately opposite Campus London if you happen to know where that is.

I’d love to attend but unfortunately my Wife is out Thursday night and, according to her, it’s irresponsible to leave the children to fend for themselves. They’re 3 and 1! They’ve got this covered right?

Throw in Lunch & maybe lol.

This session’s probably full now

but the photo from that Tweet needs sharing regardless :arrow_down:

Hugo everyone :clap: