Test job QA

Are you looking for QA’s?



If you’re interested in a career at Monzo visit https://monzo.com/careers/

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id assume not at the moment mate @Jaymaltailor
due to current epidemic and also alot of redundancies which just occurred.

Keep an eye on the careers section of the monzo website as they will post there if any posts open up.

And welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Hey Jaymal :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Like other’s have mentioned, you can find all of our available roles over on our Careers page here but if you want to get involved then the best way to get started is just by using the app!

If you spot a bug, or something that looks wrong, you can either let us know in the Help tab of the app, or by letting us know in the Bug Reports category here on the forum :blush:


No need to be rude!

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It isn’t rude, it’s just honest.

If you want to show yourself a lazy and lacking in skills, do this.

I’m looking forward to you all reporting this post toox sensitive souls lol


It’s both.

We’ve all lacked the relevant life experience at some point in the past necessary to not be considered lazy or lacking in skills.

Sometimes, usually at a younger age, people set themselves a life goal with no idea where to start or how to achieve it. It can often be a tough thing to research and plan too. Reaching out to community forums is not a bad place to start asking questions. Perhaps you’ll meet someone who had the same ambitions, achieved them, and is willing to provide advice to someone else looking to do the same thing.

Your opinion may have been honest, but it was unnecessary and hostile. It achieved nothing besides stroking your ego. A small subset of users seem to revel in that behaviour here, which is disappointing to witness. :pensive:

A few others above have already answered your question in relation to Monzo. If Monzo don’t offer that job role, and it’s the role that matters to you more than working for Monzo, then there are plenty of other companies out there who are looking for QA testers, in particular game studios.