Tesla community hot for Monzo!

(Max Hopkinson) #1

Just posted a golden ticket in the UK Tesla owners Facebook group.

It went in 30 seconds.

So I posted another.


And another.


I kept going and found as soon as I posted a ticket I had a notification from Monzo telling me I had another ticket.

Has anyone else seen any other early adopter communities go wild for Monzo??

PS And if any Monzo peeps thinking of taking the plunge on a Tesla, here is their golden ticket that gives you £750 off and free supercharging :sunglasses: http://ts.la/max184


I don’t need £750 off a Tesla but if you have a Golden Ticket that gives a £750 opening bonus for Monzo I will take it off your hands :joy:


Would you by any chance have a golden ticket that gives me a free Tesla? :joy:

(Frank) #4

I would like to be part of the Tesla community but the model 3 (more in my price range) is booked to at least mid 2018. And that is an assumption they will have started RHD by then :sob: