Tesco Clubcard Plus

Tesco has announced it’s introducing a Plus version of its Tesco club card scheme, at £7.99 per month.

Seems like it could be worth it if you’re a regular spender in Tesco.

Sorry for mentioning the P word

Lets hope it goes better than the monzo one did :eyes:

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Seems to have less use than Monzo plus for £7.99 a month lol

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This is actually useful to me! We do our weekly shop in Tesco, and even though some things we would usually buy are excluded from the 2x 10% discount p/m, we’ll still be about £10 better off each month, after the £7.99 cost.

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It’s not a great offering I have to agree, but it’ll save you money if you’re spending over £80 per month in Tesco.

I was hoping for some sort of double clubcard point sort of thing, as I use those regularly and they save me a lot of money.

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:grimacing: Could it go much worse?

Hm, I didn’t realise the discount was only in-store. That’s put the brakes on that for us.

Yea if it was more points per £ spent then it’ll be better (along side with discounts).

But unless you’re spending more than £100 its not going to make a difference if you’re on or not on the Tesco Plus programme.
Discounts should also expand to third party brands as well because I cannot remember the last time I bought a Tesco branded item :rofl:

Oddly enough no one desperate for a metal Clubcard.


Now that you mention it…