Nationwide 5% cashback at Supermarkets

Starts today until the end of April.

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Interesting that delivery food like HelloFresh is included.

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If my calculations are correct, Tesco Clubcard Pay+ is better value for those who shop at Tesco, if you use boost to go 3x on your vouchers (we always do, almost every summer).

Otherwise, this is a good offer.

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I don’t participate with the great clubcard con, just a drive to keep collecting big data which they can use for anything and everything.

If they wanted to offer lower prices, they should just lower them at the shelf without needing a clubcard to get a lower price, and then let’s build points towards shopping for other discounts / bonuses. No thanks :triumph::sweat_smile:

Anyways I’ve gone off topic, so I’m making a smooth exit.

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Do you also cover your face when walking past cameras? :laughing:

They’ll collect that data about you anyway (card numbers, etc), so might as well benefit from the ‘bonuses’


Then you are needlessly paying extra because Clubcard prices are quite often big discounts. Tesco will be delighted if you want to pay more than other customers, as it increases their profits, so you’re just cutting your nose off to spite your face, basically. Unless you make a point of never buying anything with a Clubcard discount.


Well no I’m not as I don’t use them, ever since clubcard got stupid. So no they’re not getting anything out of me.

Irrelevant, this is about clubcard data and produce prices, not CCTV.

I totally see where you’re coming from, but…

Unless you are paying cash, they will indeed match your regular card numbers with your purchases and build a shadow profile for you that way. As your name is recorded with every card payment, there is not much, if anything, to gain by not using clubcard if you don’t pay in cash.


that’s awesome, but not for credit cards i assume? :frowning:

No, just debit cards.