Terrible PayPal customer service

I sold a phone on eBay and had to use PayPal. The money was put on hold (totally acceptable) and it says it will be released one day after the item is delivered. They have my tracking info and I can see it was delivered and signed for 2 days ago, but they still haven’t released the funds.

Customer service don’t reply to messages and there’s no way I can access my money.

So frustrating.

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Delivery Day 1
Clear Day 2
Funds released Day 3

I reckon you’ll get it tomorrow.


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I’m still surprised why would anyone use that awful company - the internet is full of PayPal horror stories (much worse than this one, where they actually take the money away).


Blame eBay.

(That is to say, pretty sure eBay force you to have Paypal as a payment option.)


Give them a ring.

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Do you have a better alternative? R-

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Thanks all!

Oh I hate PayPal, but as you know, I’m forced into using it by eBay (who I also hate - but, they’re by far the biggest, and that’s where I’ll get the best prices when I want to sell :man_shrugging:t4:)


I had same issue, PayPal said it was an eBay problem, eBay said it was PayPal.
They’re both as bad as each other but sadly both are effectively monopolies, and neither pay an appropriate amount of tax.
Will never use either again.

Would never touch them oldest scam in the book generally an epayment that never gets paid!!! Nearly fell for the same thing myself years ago

Did eBay not ditch their exclusivity with PayPal last year? Or is that only on the customers’ end.

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I can’t see options for anything other than PayPal:


Exclusivity ends in 2020 and PayPal can be removed completely in 2023. eBay gave notice it was ending the contract in 2018.


Argh they’re such scam artists. I called them and explained for 15 mins what the problem was. They finally released the hold.

Then I withdrew the money, and it says I have to wait three days until they make the payment while they do “security checks” (I’m paying to the same Monzo account I’ve been paying to for two years!)

PayPal is basically a scam to hold people’s money. The interest they must be making…!


They have some of my money on hold right now

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I like paypal they are not perfect by any means, but it is easy to start taking payments as a business and i use them more or less daily for buying stuff via ebay.

I had something similar happen a while ago. Having been an eBay seller for almost 10 years now I hadn’t gotten such holds or other shenanigans happen for years. According to them, the buyer appeared particularly suspicious to their software, hence the hold.

So, I have to ship the item to the buyer, despite them suspecting from the start that the buyer may be pulling some kind of scam, and then if the buyer tries to materialize said scam, they’ll just give him my money, knowing in all likelihood that I’m not the one at a fault in the situation.

Fortunately the buyer left positive feedbacks and they released the funds

I’ve always refused to use PayPal and eBay because of their monopolistic hold on each other. When the PayPal exclusively is lifted it may prompt me to take another look.


This only happens when you’re doing something they consider suspicious. The money is held for an indeterminate amount of time (they don’t tell you for security reasons) and allow the buyer enough time to make a claim.

The buyer will leave positive feedback or the waiting time elapses and then you get your money.

Given the millions of transactions they process without issue - they understand how to keep things safe for everyone for the most part.

That’s not at all what happened.

As I explained, it was NOT for an indeterminate amount of time, it was for “one day after the item was marked as delivered by the courier”. But they breached those terms.

And then even after they admitted their mistake and the hold was released, they delayed the bank transfer for another three days. And they did say “security reasons” linked to the transfer (not to the transaction). Which is spurious, as I explained earlier.

Neither the delay beyond the one day, not the delay in transferring to Monzo were to keep anything safe.

So most of what you said is wrong.

This all goes hand in hand, its just a waiting period to allow any cases that need to be raised be raised. Something about you has obviously flagged up as a risk. It’s happened to me multiple times it’s very annoying but it’s understandable. No matter what you did with that money as long as it involves you getting it - would’ve been blocked. They have set periods of 24, 72hours and 7 days determined by the risk.