Tech YouTube/podcasts

I’m curious to know who people watch/listen to and why. I’ve been watching certain channels like LTT and MKBHD for years which are great for ‘general’ techyness but in the past 6 months I’ve enjoyed some more niche channels such as:

Snazzy Labs (self proclaimed Apple fanboy and has a great style of videos)
Luke Miani (lots of videos on cheap Macs and uogrades)
ETAPrime (videos on small form factor PC’s which I discovered as I purchased my first NUC. Also has a lot of emulator videos).

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Rene Richie has a great channel for Apple stuff; Digital Foundry is pretty good for game tech analysis; plus I really like Nostalgia Nerd for helping me re-live my formative years. :slight_smile:

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LTT all the way :partying_face:

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Nostalgia Nerd looks good, subbed!

In the past couple of years I have got really into my podcasts some of my favourites are:

  • the Paracast network series of podcasts
  • astonishing Legends
  • the not alone podcast
  • the best darn diddly podcast
  • Lore and all other assosicated podcast
  • secret levels podcast
  • graveyard tales
  • expanded perspectives
  • chasing Earhart
  • cooper vorex
  • 1001 tales series of podcasts
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Wow, are these all tech? Didn’t think there were tons out there so good to see a big list like this.

I wasnt paying that much attention too your original post. I just thought you were asking about youtube/podcasts people listen to in general :upside_down_face:

I dont really listen to ‘tech’ based podcast at all

Techmoan on youtube is my favourite tech channel but it’s more interesting rare retro things than up to date stuff.

If you want tech podcasts head over to the TWiT network:

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