Tech Youtubers

Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has just released a video on the Apple Card.

Are Monzo missing a trick in not getting some tech Youtubers on board to review the product? Marques himself has over 9 million viewers for example and with Monzo’s new offering in the US, could make a good contrast video. Then there are other tech Youtubers, such as Mrwhosetheboss in the UK, who reviews tech, apps, phones etc…


I review everything to within an inch of its life when it comes to making a purchasing decision and I watch a lot of YouTube reviews including those mentioned above.

They do influence people’s decisions when it comes to spending cash and making choices.

I trust Linus Tech Tips more :wink:

It would be brilliant if you could get a TechQuickie or TechLinked style video!

MKBHD is awesome, I also like MrMobile.

I think a review from a big tech YouTuber would definitely be amazing for us further down the line. :blush:


At some point yes, but not sure reviewing it this month would help things

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