New Podcast Recommendations

Taking a look into the archives it seems that there hasn’t been a topic about podcast recommendations for quite a while so I thought I’d start a fresh new one this morning.

First up for me is Last Podcast on the Left - a deep dive into the world of murder, cannibalism, ‘satanic worship’ and general oddities. Would recommend if you’ve visited The Last Tuesday Society bar in London and appreciated the weirdness then this could be up your street.

Secondly, Off Menu Podcast - a fantastical journey to a restaraunt where you’re presented with a rather rude waiter/genie in the form of James Acaster and are asked to put together the best meal possible without the limitations of time or space. Poppadoms or bread?!

Last up, Hello From the Magic Tavern - an improv fantasy hybrid. I feel the bio from their site sums it up very well " Hi! I’m Arnie. I fell through a portal behind a Burger King and found myself in a strange magical land called Foon. Somehow I’m getting a wi-fi signal so I host a weekly podcast, interviewing creatures, wizards, and adventurers. I recommend listening from the beginning. But hey, you do you."

What you got Community? :eyes:


I only have one recommendation, and that is My Dad Wrote a Porno. It’s a bit (well, a lot) NSFW but it’s absolutely hilarious; every other episode one chapter is read out and ripped apart, and on the others there are guests (some very famous ones) who come on to discuss their love/fascination of Belinda Blinked.

I started listening last year and have yet to catch up, but I definitely recommend starting from the very beginning. You won’t regret it.

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A few of the ones I listen to regularly enough to consider favourites of mine include:

  • The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show — A weekly podcast that discusses recent privacy and security issues and strategies to protect yourself and mitigate risks. Surprisingly non-techie friendly too.

  • True Spies — A weekly show that shares true stories and offers insight into the world of espionage, with regular interviews with the real spies behind the operations.

  • Same Brain — iJustine’s podcast, with her sister. They talk about tech, gaming, and Apple. It’s a very casual podcast that’s just easy listening.


I’ve heard this recommended/talked about so much. I’m going to have to bite the bullet/hide my blushes and give this a listen haha.

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Is this Cold War era espionage or the history overall of being sneaky?

One of (possibly the only one) downside of not having my commute anymore is my lack of podcast listening time.

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There’s some Cold War era episodes in there! But it more generally covers the overall history. There are quite a few episodes on WW2.

They focus more on modern espionage cases though. The most recent episode for instance looks into the HSBC corruption whistleblower. There are some very interesting stories.

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This was a big change when I started at Monzo, I no longer had my hour commute but recently I made the terrible decision of going a run every morning which allows me to squeeze in an episode or two whilst trying not to fall over.

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Parcast do a wide range of podcasts:

Or there is the podcast done by bad magic productions:
time suck
scared to death
is we dumb

hail nimrod!!

Oof, where to start…

I may come back and organise into some categories here but…

General Interest:

  • 99 Percent Invisible: Talks about the every day design of things that we might overlook; from toilets and making them better for everyone who uses them, flag design, and how skyscrapers work. Really great listens.

  • You’re wrong about: Two journalists discussing news/concepts/things, and explains them in a bit more depth than you might have heard about in the news. Good ones include Princess Diana and Cancel Culture.

  • Mystery Show: another from the archives, but this was a 6 episode podcast where the host solves weird and wonderful mysteries in a very elaborate way - e.g. what happened to that video rental store that dissapeared over night.

  • Nice White Parents: A podcast about public schooling, integration, and tales of white people influencing the direction of a predomenantly black public school. Really interesting, better synopsis here: Introducing: Nice White Parents - The New York Times

  • Rabbit Hole: A mini series about what happens when the Internet Algorithms take you to deep dark alt-right places on the web. Talks through a teens slow conversion into being alt-right and getting out of it again. Very good show.

  • The Dream: Series One specifically; talks about the surge of MLM’s / Pyramid schemes, where they came from and why the prey on the people they do.

Crime (Financial or Murdery Type):

  • Serial : Series One at least, something I come back to and listen often, a story of someone in prison for a murder he claims not to have done. The host talks about the case and flaws in the trial.
  • Dr Death: A true crime podcast uncovering a string of medical crimes done by a surgeon. Investigative journalism done very well.
  • Who the Hell is Hamish: An Australian podcast about a scam artists/investment banker who ripped off a load of people - again a really good investigative journalism podcast.
  • Missing Crypto Queen: Another investigative journalism podcast, this time a British one about a cryptocurrency inventor who appears to be quite scammy.


  • Science Vs: The show that puts science fiction against science fact; they do a run down of common beliefs and explore a scientific basis for it, in a light hearted way.
  • Ologies: A recent favourite, the host talks each week to various Experts (or -ologists…) about their expertise, an accesible dive into interesting topics. I can recommend the episode about Penguins.


  • There’s no such thing as a fish: The hosts are researchers for QI, and each week they bring a list of facts they’ve researched and discuss them, usually very funny.

  • A very Fatal Murder: If you like Serial, this one is The Onion doing Serial

  • Lizard People: Comedians present (fake) conspiracy theories and try and defend them. Some great episodes includes “The NY marathon isn’t real”, or some dark conspiracies about Rugrats the TV show.

  • Freakonomics Radio: The economist behind the book Freakonics, talks about some every day things through an economist lens, but very accessible. Recent good ones include Working from Home and how long will it last, the power of habit formation. Some very good episodes to casually listen.

Oof, that’s a lot.


Far too many to name but right now I’m specifically enjoying The Content Mines.

It’s a show about… internet culture and content? Basically if you’re a social media nerd like me it’s the best.

I was also on a podcast the other day, which I’ll take this opportunity to plug. Listen to me rattling away on Brand Wars and join me in cringing at my own voice :speaking_head:


My number 1 Podcast is Fake Doctors Real Friends
Scrubs is a show that I love and helped me get through tough times when I was younger, I love hearing them talk about it and thoroughly enjoy listening to Donalds tangents off on to Star Wars.

I also quite like The Joe Marler Show for a quick immature laugh.

WVFRM is great, most things by MKBHD are high quality and full of knowledge, this is no different


Is your profession podcast quality control? That’s a huge list.

I’m actually trying to get into Dr Death but the first couple of episodes have a tad too much advertising for the podcasters other show about crypto. I’ll stick with it though because the content seemed pretty damn good.

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Apparently it’s professional work avoider today, given how long that took me to write out!

To be fair most of those on the list are mini-series that are complete, wrapped up things. Though my actual subscriptions list is about 100 podcasts long…

I have been trying to find some good True Crime podcasts lately, but I really really struggle with the narration style of a lot of them. I can’t quite explain what it is, but it’s either monotone chat that feels like it’s trying to be “spooky”, or over exaggerated descriptions/overly scripted like they are after an SEO-word-jumble prize or something.

Yeah I can totally see that, it’s super frustrating too - especially when the ads feel so jarring to the actual content. It’s definitely worth sticking with though.

I tend to dip in and out of them, I do like a mini series. I find if I have one on in the background when I’m working I either do zero work and properly listen or miss things because I’m focussed on work and it becomes background noise.

I’ll threaten to give that huge list a chance!

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If there are any fans of Talk Radio on here, I can highly recommend The Thought Police
Hosted by Mike Graham and Kev O’sullivan, it won’t be to everyone’s taste (the language can get a bit “flowery” lol) but it is a damned good listen.

Twitter link:

Have you tried The Lazarus Heist?

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This was good

But maybe a little too “they are innocent” focussed with the family input, given how many appeals there has been and two of them are still in prison, there must be evidence to keep them there!

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Thanks, will check both of those out :slight_smile: