(Tom ) #81

Have new TestFlight version. Happy to have the Targets feature activated for last minute testing… :wink:

(Rika Raybould) #82

I’m almost disappointed that nobody has ripped the TestFlight builds, nop’d the certificate pinning out and written a stub server to play around with new app features early. :innocent:

(Andy) #83

That’s great. I’ve build a small node app to track my daily spending and let me know via the IFTTT notification app when I approach/ hit/ exceed my daily limit but this is exactly what I was looking for.

Hope testing is going well - is there an eta for these features?


Tomorrow, October 1st.

(Vojtech Vrbka) #85

@hugo Do you realise that “Netflix and Chill” is euphemism for sex ?
Doesn’t really seem appropriate for Monzo :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #86

Yes, I realise. What a coincidence if I would not, right? :wink: We were just trying to inject a bit of humour.

Ideally the app shouldn’t require any explanation but Targets is such a unique feature that we didn’t think anything better than asking you to read a few paragraphs. People don’t like to read so we thought that dropping a funny nugget maybe would catch your eye and convince you to read the whole thing searching for another joke or some sort of closure.

And for those that do read these things we thought it’d be a nice joke, a bit funny and down with the kids. The intention of course is not to be obscene… hope it didn’t offend you :innocent:

Of course, if we get more feedback in this direction we’ll tune it down :slight_smile:

(JoeO) #87

Its Oct 1st and no new features have appeared in my TF build :frowning:


There mudt be a time they have set it to launch. I would guess at midday, but it is only a guess. I would also assume we will get a notification once it’s available.

(Ben Green) #89

Just so we’re clear. What’s the version number we can expect to see this feature appear in? I’m running on 1.7.2 #270.


That’s a newer build than the TestFlight release… I would imagine they will roll it out across all versions of the iOS App, but that’s just my logic talking.


It’s activated for me now on the standard App Store (non-TestFlight) app


Where do I find it? Have you made a transaction today?


Just found it. Spending tab, top left Targets link! :Doh:

(Ben Green) #94

Doh! Indeed. Just set mine up. Looks good. Really looking forward to seeing it in action :smile:

(JoeO) #95

Yep I see it too.
Maybe it was there all the time… :slight_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #96

I think @hugo and the Monzo team are doing really great things with this app, showing people what they spend on , when and where they spend it, and now showing self determined targets is a superb financial help and gives us the ability to some extent to control our spending if we need to, this has got to be the way forward for banking. Hats off to you all. Love it. :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #97

I’m so glad you guys think this is a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

Just to extend your “Monzo team” comment… in order to release this feature we’ve worked together about a dozen of us: iOS and backend devs, product management, community management (we’ve tested it with around 40~50 users in-house) and designers. I think it’s a great example of the “Monzo way” :monzo:

Good luck sticking to those Targets :wink:

(James Bedwell) #98

Waiting for Targets like :stuck_out_tongue:


The targets button is not obvious at all, I realised that it was added only after reading the comments here.

(Alex Sherwood) #100

That’s true but it’s not one that you’ll be using very often so it should be fairly out of the way.

Once the blog post is published (which I’m guessing is coming :soon:) you’ll know where to look.