(Rumee Ahmed) #61

Any update when targets are going to be released. Going back to uni soon and this feature would make a huge difference

(Tristan Thomas) #62

Should be October 1st if all goes well :slight_smile:

Siri integration out now!
(Rumee Ahmed) #63

Great, just in time for uni :grin:

(Dylan Drake) #64

Great work, love how it looks! I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while, will be counting down the days til the 1st of October :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #65

Hugo shared these screenshots on Twitter last night :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:

Competitor update
(Ben Green) #66

That looks absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait for it to be a thing so I no longer need to do manual budgeting :grinning:

(Ben Green) #67

Any idea on a release date for this @alexs ? I only remember the roadmap saying within the next 3 months.

(Alex Sherwood) #68

Yes, Tristan mentioned it a couple of days ago :slight_smile: the only caveat is the Test Flight (beta) version of the app doesn’t include the new functionality yet…

(Ben Green) #69

That’s much earlier than expected :grin:

(Colin Robinson) #70

@Hugo Typo - middle screen, last paragraph.

(Ben Green) #71

Proper night out or jsut Netflix and chill?

Good spot!

(Hugo Cornejo) #72

Thanks a lot!!!, I just fixed it :slight_smile:

(Colin Robinson) #73

I have to do proof reading at work so if I can add a bit of ‘spit and polish’ to :monzo: that’s my contribution :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #74

Omg, I just realised the copy was correct (thanks to @tristan that always rewrites my crappy English sentences) by I messed up with the files and posted an old version.

(Ben Green) #75

Glad I’m not the only one who uses the “shame nun”. My office uses it in Slack for anything shameful.

(Alex Sherwood) #76

The latest version of the Test Flight app has just been released, with this note…

(Rumee Ahmed) #77

Does this mean that only test flight users get access to the targets starting from October first. Bit dissapointing really.

(Alex Sherwood) #78

I doubt it, I expect they’ll include the functionality in the TF version to check there’s no bugs, then make it available with an update to the standard app.

They’ve been testing the functionality with users visiting the office so I guess that avoids the need to user testing in TF.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #79

it would be more disappointing for a full issue to all users and it not work properly though :slight_smile: - its a compromise to get the best results for all users as quickly as possible

(JoeO) #80

All I can say is if the secret new feature turns out not to be Targets/budgeting I am going to be highly disappointed…

(eagerly awaits Oct 1st… :slight_smile: )