Targets - Cannot modify or disable targets

(Alex Watkins) #1


When I go into targets, I cannot change targets to zero - If I click reduce, rather than go to zero it shows my ‘typical amount spent,’ (Perhaps this is a design feature), but even if I click on the target and click disable, as soon as I click down the target amount reverts to what was there previously.

I have one off payments for holidays etc., that I would like to remove from my target for this month - as I don’t have a ‘typical spend.’ Same goes if I want to reduce other targets if I don’t use them but thought I would.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Once a Target’s disabled the Target amount isn’t counted anywhere so you can safely ignore it.

If you’re trying to stop certain transactions from being counted against your Total Monthly Target or an enabled Category’s Target, that has other transactions which you want to track, you can’t unfortunately. The option to exclude certain transactions from Targets has been requested here -

Does that explain your issue?