To include or not to include?

(Ed Farnfield ) #1

It would be cool if you could choose to not include a transaction or catagory in your monthly budget/targets. I went on holiday recently and used my card for most things and when I got back received the summary of what I had spent (love that feature!). As far as my month to month budget goes though I don’t really want that included as is throws off the ‘amount left to spend’ figure for the month. It would be cool if I could choose to not have that trip eat up some of my target spend for the month. I would still want it included in the total spent, just not the ‘left to spend’. The holiday is just one example, but maybe the same could be applied to other one-off transactions or groups of transactions. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Targets - Cannot modify or disable targets
(Alex Sherwood) #2

This is similar to the request to be able to exclude expenses from your monthly Targets -

but it’s good to hear a use case for being able to exclude other categories too :thinking:

Out of interest, would there be a downside to increasing your total monthly target to accommodate the money that you spent while on holiday so that you effectively have the same amount of money left to spend, according to your Targets, on your regular monthly purchases?

(Ed Farnfield ) #3

Ah yes, sorry didn’t see that one. Yeah you could do as you suggested. Personaly I think it would get a little tedious if there were a reasonable amount of transactions you were trying to discount though. For example I try to run as many transactions through Monzo as possible, some from my savings account and some from my current account. However I use the targets to keep track of my day to day current account spending. So say my car broke down, it was my friends birthday and I had been on holiday, these are things I would like to pay for from my savings account but through Monzo because the experience is so good. However I don’t want them to be included as part of my current account spend tracking. It would be nice if there was a slide button I could press or a separate catagory I could use that meant it wasn’t included. I guess I’m just being lazy :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Not at all, this sounds like great feedback to me :slightly_smiling_face:


So, I’m currently on an extended van trip round Europe and Monzo has been amazing. One shop in 100days hasn’t accepted it- but they didn’t accept our other British cards either! The ease of transferring money and budgeting has been a godsend.

It was bound to happen tho. The van broke. We had to pay a hefty repair fee and now my targets and spending for the month is all capput!

A way of excluding a payment from the budget would be a minor, but useful, feature for someone like me who loves to try and hit targets and expenditures :slight_smile: it would also stop the ‘averages’ from screwing up too much too.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Watch this space, for an update :soon: :eyes: