Targets by day

(Dave Shaw) #1

Hi there. I like the target function and the fact I get a warning when I’m ‘spending too fast’, but what would be really useful, would to know how much of each target I would have to spend to get back on track. For example, if I set a monthly target of £400 for 28 days that’s just over £14 a day (would be a nice feature). If I go out for dinner just after pay day and then get a Uber home, I going to spend more than £14 so I’d like Modzo to tell me I now have £12 a day to keep on track. It can work the other way too, so if I have a quiet first week, I will have £16 per day to meet target.

(JoeO) #2

This is essentially (on a holistic level) what I used the average spending tracking for - it gave me a guide as to how I was doing on a daily basis.

I miss that functionality… :frowning:

(Sam) #3

Completely agree!

I had hoped this was how the target function was going to work, and I am a little sad that it doesn’t :disappointed: