Accept Contactless payments with Tap to Pay

Hey folks, :wave:t4:

Earlier this year we launched Tap to Pay on Android and as some of you noticed, last week we began our roll out of this new feature for iOS customers too! We’re aiming for all customers to have access to this by the end of this week.

So if you haven’t heard from us yet, don’t worry, its coming soon. And once customers meet the criteria below they should get access by default.

What is Tap to Pay?
You no longer need a card reader to accept in person payments.
We’ve partnered with Stripe so you can accept contactless payments. All you need is your compatible iPhone or Android™ device.

Tech requirements
Your iPhone must be an Xs or Later, be operating iOS 16.4 or later
Your Android device must be Android 10 or later
For both device types you will need Mobile data or a Wifi Connection and version 5.45 or later of the Monzo App.

You can find out more about hows to set this up and fees on our new Tap To Pay webpage



So cool to see this on iPhone… I understand why it’s restricted to business accounts, but it doesn’t HAVE to be, the consumer will just take a hit if they take a card payment for something… it does have it’s uses for the consumer side too, like paying a friend back… if they don’t have their phone, but have their card, the recipient just needs to accept the loss


It does have to be business only as this a merchant payments account is needed with Stripe, and this requires a business bank account. A person to person personal payment could be possible but this would be more suited to a Monzo-Monzo payment or an open banking payments, possible, but this would be something different. Most card payment processors are business only right now.


Wow love this tech! Monzo have again made payments easier for the smaller businesses! Well done Monzo :clap:t4: