Tango Ice Blasts

My local fuel station has started selling Tango Ice Blasts, my Monzo account is going to be sighing at me soon 🤦 :rofl: :rofl:

Just in time for this little heatwave we’re having at least.

Anyways that is all :joy:


I love them! I don’t care they’re about £6 and 8293884 calories.


Medium was £3.99 which I didn’t think was too bad in all honesty. It lasted me nearly an hour. Not sure how much the cinema sells them for, probably an arm and a leg.

I much prefer the monster slushies

I wish they did them in pipeline puch as that would be amazing. (co op near work only has mango loco)

I bought 10 4 boxes a couple weeks back when home bargains had them cheap.


Oh yuk :sweat_smile: not a fan of monster though


wuh 16+ for energy drinks? Is that a new thing, or a picture from outside the UK


I think I’ve answered my own Q. Not the law, but you can choose to restrict sale.

No, there is no legal requirement for children under 16 years old to produce ID to purchase any caffeine containing foods and beverages including energy drinks.

You may choose to restrict sale to those over a specified age. This could be 16 or it could be another age limit agreed locally

Theres no law but some shops try and enforce it, lets say it does nothing as independent corner shops don’t even enforce the age limit for alcohol and cigarettes so under 16’s just go to them.

It’s more to please the boomer outrage mobs than anything else.

I know from my 15 year old brother home bargains and B&M don’t restrict sales.

Or, you know, because of the science


I have a second job working in a OneStop (a Tesco organisation)

Tango Ice Blasts are £2.50 for a small and £3.50 for a large. We only have the pink and blue. But I’ve seen other colours elsewhere.

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Had the blue for breakfast :rofl: I prefer the pink one for sure

Get a mixture next time. That’s the true way to rol!

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I genuinely feel the rule for Ice Blasts should always be that you get a mixed one always :pray:

When Cineworld was open it was my go to drink but then I think they lost their license to them or they just wanted to do an unbranded version :thinking:


I’m having mixed next, wanted to try them both 1st to see what the flavours were.


Not sure about Cineworld, but I know Odeon Cinemas sell them now.

We serve them in the shop I work at (as stated above) I only thought they did Pink and Blue. But my gf and I went to West Midlands Safari Park on bank holiday Monday. They had the Blue, Pink and an Orange one. I was talking to my gf about them and she said she has seen a green one being sold else where too.

It also surprises me that they are Zero sugar.

I don’t think they used to be zero sugar.

The places that have the two machines tend to have blue and pink and then the other with orange and green. Pink and blue is my fave combo.

Couldn’t be bothered cropping the screenshot

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