Taking on the 1p Savings Challenge? Join our Facebook group

Hi everyone :wave:

We noticed that a lot of you love doing the 1p Savings Challenge, an easy way to save up quite a bit of money over the year.

To help you connect with other folks taking the challenge on, we’ve created a new Facebook group where you can chat with others and share tips.

Come and join!


I think this is the FB group I just left.

Hope it works for others, it sure didn’t for me.

We only started that this week, so probably not.

But we also have the Monzo Saving Squad group for general money saving tips and discussion. I’d love to hear any feedback on that group.

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Ahhh ok was the other group I left then.

Most comments ended up being very negative and many were just a duplication on points I’d already read here on the forum so I left.

Fair enough! I see the two places (FB group + forum) as intended for different people.

There’ll be some overlap between people who are active on Facebook and the forum, of course. But for the most part I’m ok with duplication of points across both. Just a little insight into what we’re thinking…

Thanks for flagging the negativity though. Better keep an eye on that…

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