Community savers challenge!

(Richard Cook) #1

Morning all! :sun_with_face:

If you follow Monzo on Facebook, you might have seen the Monzo Saving Squad - a group we set up to help bring together folks who are trying to meet savings goals, so they can share hints and tips together.

It’s been going great so far, and there’s already been some really helpful ideas shared.

And now we’ve had another idea. What if you could receive in-app prompts to help you save, mixed in with stories from the rest of the Monzo community? We’re calling it the Community Savers Challenge, and we’re looking for folks to opt-in for the first version.

You’ll receive one or two updates a week in your Monzo feed for the next month. It’s still a work-in-progress. But we’d love to work with you to make the most of it. Fill out the Google Form below with your details to get involved! We’ll start sending out posts in the next week or so :raised_hands:

UPDATE: the form is now closed!


As long as it stays “opt in”, I don’t see a problem with this at all.

This idea wouldn’t work for me, but I know it would work for a load of others.

If it becomes another “opt out”, or even a non negotiable notification, I’d be less impressed…

(Splodf) #3

I agree,

I’ll give it a whirl though - see what happens.

(Simon) #4

I think I’ve signed up. If someone can say if the screenshots matched. Google docs appears to of translated it.

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #5

Looks similar to mine…

(Simon) #6

Thank you. I was too lazy to copy and paste to google translate.


Why’s it in Thai?

(Simon) #8

Is it thai? I was in Thailand but I’m now in Vietnam. Think it’s cause my SIM card is now Vietnamese so google thinks it’s helping me :cry:


From what I remember, they look fairly similar to someone used to reading a Latin language.

(Adam) #10

So this has popped up in my app after the Anrdoid update this evening. It’s quite cute! I like it.

(Simon) #11

Also got this today.
I created a pot called community savers challange :+1:

(Adam) #12

I’ve just noticed the last page says “add a custom image that reminds you of your goal”.

Guess custom pot images are imminent!

(Simon) #13


(Splodf) #14

I got this too.

To be honest it’s been a bit of a mundane start. For some reason I was expecting something else other then a general tour of the app. Hopefully there’s more to come.

(Simon) #15

Yeah i guess it will be more for new people, to show them saving functions. As so far I have already set up a pot and used roundups.

(Adam) #16

The next lot have come through for me:

(Splodf) #17

Same I signed up. Still waiting for something useful!

(Splodf) #18

So I just got the latest info in my feed. It essentially said to give feedback on what you’ve learned so far. Which as far as I can tell was nothing?

I clicked the link and the general advice was the same.

Was this planned? I must admit it has been a complete washout. You had an opportunity to tell people about rainy day funds, about stocks and shares ISA’s, about bonds and a multitude of other financial products, instead we got how to use autosavings, a link to the Facebook page and a request for feedback?

Genuinely confused as to why this has been released, when it seems to serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

(Simon) #19

Agree with everything said here.
It felt more like a welcome to Monzo.
Something you’d get in the first day of opening an account.
Budget tools, locking pots, setting goals, using pots to ringfence money, seeing committed spending. :thinking:

(Simon) #20

Also maybe it’s just me, but for something to count daily to day 4, I expect it to be each day. I’m away and have lost track of time but I’m pretty sure it was longer than 4 days.
Maybe call it tips instead of days which means it doesn’t have to be daily.
Maybe it’s just me.