Introducing Monzo Money Tips! 🎉

We’ve started a brand new Facebook page where we’ll share everyday ways you can make more of your money!

Check it out here :point_right:

Share your feedback and ideas for topics we should cover next :point_down:

And most importantly, join the discussion and share your own tips too! :nerd_face:

We’d love to build this into an amazing community of people looking to save, budget or learn more about their money :yellow_heart:


Hello Beatrice,

This is a great idea. :+1: Thank you for creating this FB page. I do have a small request :blush: for those of us who do not use FB, can you create another page on Twitter, Slack, Discord or even a simple blog with an RSS feed.

If I would have my say in this I would create a blog and read everything via Feedly+Instapaper or any other RSS workflow one might have :thinking:

This would help a lot :pleading_face:
Thank you


Any reason you decided to make it all blue rather than coral?

Thank you :grin:

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