Tagging withdrawals / deposits / movement of money

I’d like to be able to add a note / tag to every movement of money AS I MAKE IT. I don’t mean payments that trigger push notifications, but rather money I move myself… Currently, if I withdraw money from a pot or move it between accounts I have to literally make the transaction and then go back and tag it afterwards in the history - which is a bit time consuming. When I move money between accounts I have to do it twice - in both accounts to show my matching transactions! It’s all for my personal benefit, but also so both my husband and I can see why money has been moved & spent - and who/what on.
Tagging is an essential part of my way of keeping track of my spending and I literally tag every single movement of money, so to be able to do that AS I move funds would be AMAZING!

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I agree that this would be extremely useful. There’s an existing feature request thread for it, would be useful to consolidate all votes into one thread (or maybe a member of the coral crew could merge the threads?)


Happy to merge - as yes pretty much asking for the same thing. Couldn’t find that this morning :wink:

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It’s often not easy to find older threads unless you know about them and remember a keyword or two. My post above wasn’t intended as criticism, great that you’ve raised this as well!

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Not taken as criticism :blush:

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Merged as requested! :raised_hands:

Votes and conversation now over here:

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