Add ability to create #tag when transferring money TO or FROM a pot.

I use #tags as a way of correlating transactions between the main account and my pots, by having the same tag appear in both the main account and the pot

For example if I have a car pot and I pay for my MOT
Then I might want to add the tag #mot.

There are two problems with adding tags

  1. you can’t add the tag at the point you create the transfer. Instead you have to create the transfer first and then go to the account activity select the item in the list and then add the tag, this makes it quite laborious.

  2. I would really want the tag to be visible in the account that you transfer the money from and account you transfer the money to.

To implement the above at the point you create the transfer you could have a new box that allows the user to enter a tag, and a tick box that allows them to ensure that tag appears in both the source and destination account

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