Tag shortcuts

Could the most recent payment tags be shortcuts for faster easier assignment? I’m using it for work things but typing #work each time is a pain. First world problem pain… But a pain.


Would be a nice quality of life improvement for heavy tag users. ^^


Or perhaps we could just have proper categories and the app learns what we spend and allocates accordingly instead of this half baked tags thing…

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Tags are a bit of a solution without a problem, at leat in my experience. They’re like categories but without the benefits of real categories.

I’d find this very beneficial. One or two direct debits of mine come out via GOCARDLESS so I tag them to differentiate them. Having the ability to auto tag or quick tag would be fantastic.


I love some of the ideas which have come out of Monzo Time, but I worry some of the things which could make these features more popular/adopted will be on the back-burner as this was very much a side project.

This has been requested since tags launched, and I’m sure it’s planned, but I imagine the big list will take priority…

I think this would be a really useful feature. I tend to use a small number of tags quite a bit and I imagine a lot of users are the same

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You have defined how I use tags and why I would like to have my most recent ones easily available.

How about autocomplete on tags?


Hi @martynhaigh I’ve merged your idea in to this existing idea thread for this. Would love to see this along with auto tagging recurring payments soon!

I’m on android and use the SwiftKey keyboard. Since I use the same tags a lot of the time I almost never have to type the full tag out.

Does autocorrect not usually predict the tag for you?

RelevantNumber-ed! I use tags for tracking spend on specific things, but its a hassle typing them in each time (and more to the point, remembering exactly what the tag is - e.g was it “#Present” or “#Presents”?). Something like a selection of 10 predefined tags would be really useful.

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