Tag shortcuts


Could the most recent payment tags be shortcuts for faster easier assignment? I’m using it for work things but typing #work each time is a pain. First world problem pain… But a pain.

(Liam) #2

Would be a nice quality of life improvement for heavy tag users. ^^



(I'll flag any comment for 50p) #4

Or perhaps we could just have proper categories and the app learns what we spend and allocates accordingly instead of this half baked tags thing…

(Liam) #5

Tags are a bit of a solution without a problem, at leat in my experience. They’re like categories but without the benefits of real categories.

(Jack) #6

I’d find this very beneficial. One or two direct debits of mine come out via GOCARDLESS so I tag them to differentiate them. Having the ability to auto tag or quick tag would be fantastic.

(Toby Toller) #7

I love some of the ideas which have come out of Monzo Time, but I worry some of the things which could make these features more popular/adopted will be on the back-burner as this was very much a side project.

This has been requested since tags launched, and I’m sure it’s planned, but I imagine the big list will take priority…