Hashtag lists / autocomplete tags / predictive tags

I use hashtags often to categorise my spending, but I’d love to be able to auto populate from a list of my most used catagories. For example I can never remember if I used #mani or #manicure on previous transactions if there was an auto type function based on tags already used this would stop the confusion!


Hashtag autocomplete seems to have been mentioned a few times on here, and yes I agree hashtags would be much more effective if they did this!

I’d also like to be able to save tag searches - for instance, I might want to see how much I’ve already spent on #takeout this month to try and horrify myself into not spending any more. Since this is a technique I try every month, a saved search would be a great way to do this quickly. Or even seeing most used tags on the summary page, and being able to click in from there?



Any chance you could add a feature that remembers previously used hashtag in payments, ie I use the hashtag #fuel. When I got to link a hashtag in the future this option appear and I just click it.

I know its simple enough to type it again, but when receiving several payments with longer hashtags it’s handy not in time but making sure the payments are linked, ie smelling mistakes etc


Hi Martin, you’re not alone! Just moved your post into a thread with this suggestion so the discussion can continue. This is something I’d personally love too.

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Its only a minor gripe but I do wish there was predictive texts for hashtags. I’m only using one to seperate my purchases for lunch time but it would be easier that as soon as I put # in my previous ones were chosen.



remember my previous hashtags so I can consistently tag transactions


For example: if I always apply a custom hashtag called “WorkCanteen” to a company (fictional for explanation purposed) called Catering Ltd (who run the canteen at work), it’d be great if Monzo learned this and then offered to automatically apply the same hashtag/notes etc.

E.g. Monzo asks something like “we know you tend to label transactions by Catering Ltd as #WorkCanteen. Do you want to apply this hashtag this time too? (Yes/No)”…kind of thing.


@karlossios moved your post here


Sorry, Martin; didn’t see this thread. Thanks for moving it.


This would be great!

A dropdown menu of commonly used tags which appears after you type “#” in a transaction note would be really useful.



This would be a good feature :monzo:, voted :+1:


Not sure if there is the option to vote up these suggestions but I too would like to see this in fact it’s the reason why I logged on to the community to suggest it

If you scroll to the top of the thread there’s a vote button.

When tagging a large amount of transactions it would be really useful to be shown the 3 most recently used tags as a clickable button to save time, rather than having to type the same tag over and over.

Another solution for a similar problem would be allowing for the same tag to be added to multiple transactions at the same time (think like checkboxes on IOS photos selection).

As a third improvement for tagging, I’d like to be able to tag payments from friends as well as other transactions. This is useful when totting up the total cost of a particular holiday for example, when some things were paid for by others/bills split/money lent/etc.

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Agree wholeheartedly. Also logged in to request improvements to hashtags. The hashtag feature in Monzo, in principle could be a way to get around the lack of sub or bespoke categories, but it’s really difficult to use in its current state. Without a way to see a list of hashtags used so far, it is really difficult to remember which ones you used etc. should atleast have some form of autocomplete to help avoid duplication

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I assume this was on purpose?

Either way its hilarious :clap: