Syncing with Budgetting Apps

(Alex Hilton) #1

Hi guys - my card arrived last week and I’m over the moon! (Particularly love that it’s Neon Orange!

The app is fantastic too - I was wondering if there is anything on the roadmap to bring synchronisation with Budgetting apps, or whether the data is considered too sensitive?

I personally use You Need A Budget (YNAB) which works well and is easy to add transactions to (especially when you have them in real time), but if the two apps could talk to each other it would be very cool indeed!

(Edouard) #2

I personally use Bankin, which includes almost all banks, at least in Europe. I had a look at YNAB but unfortunately they are mainly for US/Canada customers as they don’t have European based banks :frowning:

But I agree with you, it would be great if they could add Mondo, but I think they have to integrate Mondo and not the other way around.

(Miguel Afonso) #3

I use It can connect and sync directly with some banks although I just use the import feature.
It accepts .csv, .qif, and microsoft money formats and most banks export this (I used barclays and TSB without an issue)

For mondo a .csv collected from the API is good enough for my integration atm. can eventually support Mondo natively, I guess its just a matter of Buxfer and Mondo talk :slight_smile:

Eventually when Mondo gets it full banking license and provide current and savings account (including ISAs) and if the reporting of mondo matches Buxfers (maybe only over a web channel) I don’t need buxfer anymore :smiley:

(Ruben Arakelyan) #4

I’ve put together a quick and dirty website at that allows you to export your transactions in QIF or CSV formats. It also allows you to specify a date range to filter transactions.

As explained at OFX export capability?, it’s very much in alpha and feedback is appreciated!